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Performance List of Dialogue with Stakeholders

Number of inquiries and complaints received by Customer center counters (FY2018)

Idemitsu Showa Shell

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Balancing Work and Life

Publishing a guidebook for balancing work, childcare and caregiving

In May 2020, we published a guidebook for internal use to help all empl...

Harassment Prevention Initiatives
Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Publication of Guides on Preventing Workplace Harassment

To maintain healthy work environments free from harassment and ensure n...

Promotion of Employees’ Health
FY2019 Performance

Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) Health Program

Our staff in Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) launched their original "Health Pro...

Social Contribution Activities
Relations with People:Hokkaido Idemitsu Children's Art Contest

Hokkaido Idemitsu Children's Art Contest

The "Hokkaido Idemitsu Children's Art Contest" held by Hokkaido Idemitsu-ka...

Concept of to Compliance

Compliance Promotion Structure

Compliance Committee Our group has established the "Compliance Committee...

Efforts to Improve Workplace Culture and Motivation
Next Forum Provides Opportunities for Employees and Top Management to Communicate Directly in an Interactive Way About Company-wide Issues

The Second Next Forum

On July 19, 2019, the Second Next Forum was held. This was the first Forum ...


Ensuring Safety
Practical Fire Fighting Training

Training of Personnel for Fire Fighting at Refineries and Complexes

In case of a fire or explosion, it is extremely important to implement init...

Biodiversity Conservation
Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

Many different species of organisms live on this planet, forming intricatel...

Corporate Governance
Management Monitoring System / Audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Members (4 people) attend meetings of the Boa...

Corporate Governance
Nomination of Candidates for Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members / Training

Nomination of Candidates for Directors

Our company has adopted human resource standards for Directors that take in...

Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability
Medium-term Management Plan

Operating Income + Equity Earnings of Affiliated Companies, by Segment

  Main factors behind changes vs. 2019 ...

Business-Academia Alliances

Participating in Chuo University Graduate School’s Project to Research and Promote Work-Life Balance and Diversity

Since fiscal 2020, Idemitsu has participated in Chuo University Graduate Sc...

Performance List of Dialogue with Stakeholders

Major seminars for customers (FY2018)

  Venue Frequency (times) Participants ...

Response to Circular Economy
Initiative 3 Carbon Recycling

Carbonate Production

Our company, with the participation of Ube Industries, Ltd., JGC Corporatio...

Human Resource Development
Other Support for Employee Growth

Workshop for Developing the Foundation of the Organization

In FY2019, we held workshops throughout Japan, including at overseas ba...

Intellectual Property
Providing Staff Education

Providing Staff Education

Idemitsu is striving to help its employees to be mindful of Intellectual pr...

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives
Status of Employees and Recruitment

Status of Employees

As of July 1, 2019, Idemitsu has 13,756 consolidated and 4,825 non-consolid...

Risk Management
Initiatives for Risk Management

Further Reinforcing Crisis Management

The Idemitsu Group has formulated Crisis Response Rules as the topmost of i...

Status of inclusion in the ESG Index / External Evaluation

Status of inclusion in the ESG Index

In recognition of its efforts in the ESG (Environment, Society and Gove...

Human Resource Development
Global Human Resource Development


Even the energy sector is expected to see global competition intensify acro...

Social Contribution Activities
Relations with People:TABLE FOR TWO


When a person purchases a TFT branded meal at the cafeteria of the Daib...

Compliance Promotion Activities

Bribery and Corruption Prevention

Our group's Compliance Code of Conduct stipulates that all forms of corrupt...