Employee Training and Evaluation

Human Resources Education

Departmental Training on Internal Audit; Aiming for a Stronger Corporate Governance

On February 6, Internal Audit Department held ‘The Second Departmental Training on Internal Audit’ at our head office in Marunouchi, Tokyo, and audit managers from 10 affiliated companies participated in the training. Every department is required to strengthen internal control for compliance and risk management. Internal Audit Department at the head office designed such training and audit quality improvement support so that the auditors at each (affiliated) company can acquire specialized skills as early as possible and contribute to strengthening our corporate governance.


Work Improvement Case Presentation at Aichi Refinery

Aichi Refinery held an ‘in-house work improvement case presentation’ on February 6 for the purpose of revitalizing work activities and motivating the employees. Among seven participating teams from various sections in the refinery, Utilities Section and Refining Section 1 came with the best presentations. Refining Section 1 focused its presentation on how to ‘visualize’ a certain number of works. This idea was highly appreciated internally and proposed to be presented at the ‘work improvement case presentation’ held by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.


Connecting Japan and Overseas Bases through the 2nd Global Values Workshop

Global Values Workshop (GVs) is held as an opportunity for employees in Japan and overseas to freely communicate with each other by using the timing when overseas employees come to Japan for business trip. All employees, regardless of nationality, generation, department, etc, can participate in the event. It is aimed to deepen mutual understanding, create a sense of unity across Idemitsu Group, and lead the employees to develop global awareness which eventually will bring Idemitsu to be more global.

The second GVs was held at our head office in Marunouchi, Tokyo on January 29, with two overseas staff from Idemitsu International Asia (IIA) as guest speakers; Ms. Iris Lam (Hong Kong member) and Mr. Robert Redsell (Singapore office). Participants exchanged opinions on "global company in my perspective" and "difference between Idemitsu and other global companies"

Participants came up with common opinion that strengthening international connections within the group is paramount to bring Idemitsu to be more global. In order to be a sustainable global company needed by the society, we will work to further cooperate with overseas bases to demonstrate the strengths of Idemitsu Group around the world with a sense of unity.



Training on Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Department conducted patent training four times in November and December, with 243 participants from 13 departments. In this training, 7 courses were prepared to learn the practical techniques and methodologies according to the needs of employees in daily business operations. As the business expands globally, understanding intellectual property, including patents, has become more important than before.

Through group discussion, the participants learned to understand the essence of one’s invention (intellectual property) as the output of research. They also tried to examine information leakage cases faced by other companies; identifying the problems and considering their countermeasures. The training course was full of practical contents.


“IT Summit 2019” to Improve Corporate IT Knowledge

Information Systems Department organized IT Summit 2019 in Sapporo from November 25 to 28, 2019. The purpose of this summit is to share knowledge on IT tools utilization as well as to enhance digital security awareness in performing daily business operations, mainly for IT PIC (person in charge) from Idemitsu’s overseas bases. It is our company’s 2nd IT Summit after holding the first one in Singapore in 2018.

Thirty participants from 16 offices in Japan and overseas attended lectures on effective use of Idemitsu’s internal IT system and security trends. They also shared the IT issues faced by respective offices and gained feedback from other participants. Security risks in daily operations and their countermeasures were also discussed proactively. All participants from various countries had a great opportunity to directly communicate and share information and knowledge with each other. IT plays an important role in our company to support sustainable business growth and in the future, and in the future we will focus on discussion regarding specific IT issues faced by respective departments.


Idemitsu Mentor Training Program

Idemitsu Group officially introduced mentor system in 2019 to foster new employees. The term "mentor" refers to senior employee who takes role as instructor for new employees to assist them in performing daily tasks. To improve the mentors’ leadership, mentor training has been conducted six times since October 29, 2018, with 108 mentors participating.

New employees were asked to fill in questionnaire in advance about the mentors’ guidance. The results were then returned to their mentors during the training. The joy of excitement and surprise aroused as the training participants read frank impressions written by the new employees to them. After the training, the participants commented that they were glad to learn specific methods in mentoring and received helpful advice from other mentors so they could support each other.

Mentor Training Contents:
  1. Review of current mentoring
  2. Essential knowledge and attitude in mentoring
  3. Mentoring role play
  4. Points to remember during mentoring

Global Values Workshop to Stimulate Global Awareness among Employees

Using the moment when the overseas staff visit Japan for business trip, Idemitsu held Global Values Workshop on September 10, 2019. This workshop provided opportunity for employees in Japan from any background to communicate freely with overseas staff, regardless their departments, generations, or nationalities.

As two overseas staff from Idemitsu Lubricants America; the vice president and the manager of the general affairs came to Japan for another business occasions, we used this opportunity to conduct the first Global Values Workshop. Fourteen participants from various departments joined the workshop and together with the two American staff, they actively discussed about the globalization within Idemitsu Group.

Under the theme “Idemitsu to be More Global,” the participants discussed and shared ideas in order to make Idemitsu to be more global from three perspectives: improve, minimize, and start something new.

  • To Improve/Enhance

    • Increase the number of managers with foreign nationality
    • Provide more opportunities for speaking English
    • Deepen understanding of different cultures
    • Achieve greater operational efficiency: speed up the decision-making process
  • To Minimize/Stop

    • Long time to obtain approval
    • Keeping information for the head-office only without sharing it to the overseas branches.
    • Using Japanese too much at the global meetings
  • To Start Something New

    • Clarify the definition of “being global” as well as the targets.
    • Create an image of Idemitsu as a global brand
    • Hire more foreign nationals

In the future, Idemitsu will keep holding Global Values Workshop with the cooperation with various departments in order to improve the global awareness of our employees.


Lecture for Department and Office Managers

On July 24, Idemitsu Kosan invited Dr. Iwao Nakatani from Fushiki-an (Japan’s elite educational institution for corporates), to give a lecture for some sixty executives and department/office managers. The objective was to encourage them to cultivate the ability to look at things from diverse perspectives by studying liberal arts and use this to examine and discuss various projects. As the lecture topic, Dr. Nakatani led the participants using “the present time” to reconnect with the history in the past and predict what future will be, and then re-evaluate their personal lives, the corporate business, and the development of the country.


Basic Patent Training for Young Employees in Technical Fields

On July 22 and 30, basic patent training was conducted mainly for young employees in technical fields. These training sessions are held annually to enable employees to obtain a deeper understanding of functions and importance of intellectual property (IP), and this year, 40 employees from eleven business units and laboratories attended the sessions. The training program included not only explanations about the outline of the Patent Act but also practical exercises in information search and other areas.

One of the trainees expressed, “I am able to deepen my understanding of IP because the lecturer took Idemitsu’s patents as examples and explained whether particular patents are new or not.”, while other commented, “I want to know more about search tools.” which indicates that the training was meaningful. Practical patent training is scheduled for November, and in the future, the company will continue to spread knowledge regarding IP throughout the organization and improve the employees IP skill.


External Awards


Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Distinguished Service Itaru Matsuhiro, (CEO Assistant) Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) May 28, 2019 Outstanding achievements in the development of Japan Petroleum Institute for six years.
Chunichi Shimbun Advertising Grand Prize Best Award in Sport Category PR article “Show Your Splendid Work Like Manga Chunichi Shimbun        Co., Ltd. June 14, 2019 Moto GP rider Takaaki Nakagami’s fighting spirit is well represented through manga-like interview article.
Dentsu Advertising Awards Gold Prize in the Category of Enterprises and Public Sector II TV commercial “My Father’s Job” Advertising Dentsu Award Council July 1, 2019 The commercial depicts a boy’s point of view of his father who works far away in Vietnam to support Nghi Son Refinery construction for a better energy security in the region.
Japanese Spring Conference for the Technology of Plasticity 2019 Encouragement Award for Excellent Paper The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity June 7-9, 2019 The theme of the award-winning paper was “Development of Cold Forging Oil Using the Phase Transition Behavior of Lubricants.
Best HR Leader in Greater China – HR Excellence Award 2019 Tsai Senior Manager - Idemitsu Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Human Capital Forum 2019 September 5, 2019 A prestigious award by Greater China Human Resources Management for Chinese HR professionals and companies worldwide.
Fire Service Merit Award Distribution & Operations Department – Nagasaki Oil Terminal Government of Nagasaki City January 7, 2020 Awarded for being proactively and steadily conducting firefighting activities (disaster drills and preventions) in cooperation with local residents.

Internal Awards


Award / Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
Zero Accident Record – Bronze Award Tokuyama Complex Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters April 18, 2019 1.9 million working hours of continued operation without any accident or disaster.
Excellent Crew Award 137 crew members of Kounkai Kounkai (alliance of Idemitsu’s trusted transport companies) May 14, 2019 Award given for zero accident (or violation) achievers.
Zero Accident Commendation Shell Lubricants Japan, Yokohama Plant Shell Lubricants Japan May 24, 2019 5,000 days of continuous operation without accident.
Best Achievement Award 2018
  • Best Award: “Initiatives to Improve the Response Quality to Phone Calls”
  • Excellence Award: “Integrated Back Office Consignment Proposal”
iBusiness Partners July 3, 2019 Taking “Initiatives to Expand New Business Domain” as the event theme, top 8 best practices (success story) were presented in front of 90 attendees.
Zero Accident Record – Bronze Award Idemitsu Lube India – Patalganga Plant Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters July 12, 2019 2.3 million working hours of continued operation without any accident or disaster.
Safety Excellence Award 2019 Idemitsu Lube Techno Indonesia (ILTI) Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters November 26, 2019 ILTI succeeded to perform intentional, systematical, and steady safety promotion activities.
Zero Accident Record – Bronze Award Idemitsu Lube Techno Moji Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters October 31, 2019 Recognized as the cleanest lubricating oil factory in the entire Idemitsu Group.
Zero Accident Record – Bronze Award Performance Materials Laboratories Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters December 6, 2019 1,600 days of of continued operation without any accident or disaster.