Safety and Security


Chiba Complex Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction Drill

On September 20, Chiba Complex and Anegasaki Fire Station jointly conducted an integrated disaster-risk-reduction drill. Some 40 people, including the heads of local associations and Anegasaki fire brigades, visited the drill site to see a practical drill carried out on the assumption that a fire had broken out from the floating roof of naphtha tanks due to an earthquake. Visitors commented that they were impressed by the Complex’s risk management system and its employees’ swift, appropriate operations for disaster-risk reduction.


Aichi Refinery Emergency Pier Undocking Drill for a Large Tanker

On September 20, Aichi Refinery conducted an emergency pier undocking drill for Apollo Energy, a large tanker owned by Idemitsu which had arrived at Isewan Sea Berth. This drill was intended to find out how to cope with a massive tsunami after a colossal Nankai Trough earthquake, and officials from the Fourth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters and the Nagoya Coast Guard Office visited the site to inspect the drill. Usually, three tugboats help a large tanker to leave the berth, but in this drill, which assumed the occurrence of an emergency, the Refinery’s team attempted to let the tanker leave the berth and sail by itself as two tugboats assisted. The exercise was completed in 15 minutes, five minutes less than expected in the drill procedures.


Technology & Engineering Center Achieved 1,500 Days of Operation Without Accident

On August 1, an official ceremony to present a bronze award for 1,500 days of operation without accident and disaster was held at the lecture hall of the Technology & Engineering. With Vice President Okada in attendance, a certificate of merit was presented by Director Shindome of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters. The head of the Technology & Engineering Center, who received a bronze award, expressed his strong intention to continue ensuring safety in the future, saying, “Receiving the bronze award is a transit point for us and does not mean that future safety is guaranteed. We will continue to make efforts to ensure safety in daily operations.”


Tokuyama Complex Internal Disaster Risk Reduction Contest

On June 28, Tokuyama Complex hosted an internal disaster-risk-reduction contest at its Idemitsu Kaikan Gymnasium. “Firefighting Operation Section" and "Emergency Section" host the contest alternately every other year for the purpose of improving the skills of the self-defense disaster prevention squad. This year’s contest was hosted by the Emergency Section, and 19 teams from the departments of the Tokuyama Complex participated. Each team spent about one month on training such as using air inhalers and performing first aid for injured people so that its members could take actions calmly in case of an emergency. On the day of the contest, all teams competed with each other over the accuracy and swiftness when dealing with emergency situations, such as treating broken legs with limited tools.


Aichi Refinery Water Spraying Drill with Members of the Joint Disaster Risk Reduction Organization

On June 5 and 6, in accordance with the Act on the Prevention of Disasters in Petroleum Industrial Complexes and Other Petroleum Facilities, 70 people from six member companies of Chukyo District Wide-Area Joint Disaster Risk Reduction Council and its seven partner companies joined the water spray drill held at the Aichi Refinery. This drill provided an opportunity for experienced members to impart the knowledge and skills they had acquired to younger members, thus creating a keener awareness of disaster prevention across generations.


Company-wide Safety Slogan for Fiscal 2019

Fiscal 2019 safety slogan candidates for the Idemitsu Group were collected from Group companies and their partner companies. As a result of screening 3,308 entries, “Safety in the workplace and Everyone’s Smile, the Unshaken Belief Despite the Time Changes” was chosen as the slogan for this fiscal year.

The belief of giving top priority to safety remains unchanged even if personnel, systems, and other environments change. Putting the safety slogan in mind, all Idemitsu Group companies will unite to create a safe and secure working environment to make all employees and their colleagues and families satisfied.

Best award “Safety in the workplace and Everyone’s Smile, the Unshaken Belief Despite the Time Changes”
Excellence award “Changing Environment, Unchanged Basics; Let Us Pursue Safety in the Workplace”

Idemitsu Tanker and Showa Shell Senpaku Chartered Vessel Safety Conference

On June 6, Idemitsu Tanker and Showa Shell Senpaku jointly held a chartered vessel safety conference for Japanese shipping companies from which the two companies hired out ships, and some 80 persons concerned with the chartering of vessels attended the conference. This conference was held to familiarize the shipping companies with Idemitsu’s basic safety and environmental policy for its fleet of 23 very large crude carriers (VLCC), to report on and exchange opinions on the Group’s response to SOx regulations, ship inspections, berth information, the results of chartered vessel safety patrolling, and fuel-saving initiatives, and to share Idemitsu Showa Shell’s further efforts to ensure safety, stability, and efficient operation among the participants.


Lecture by Mie Plant Manager of Idemitsu Unitech on Health and Safety Activities

At the Fiscal 2019 Tsu/Suzuka/Kameyama District Industrial Health and Safety Meeting held on June 12, the Idemitsu Unitech’s Mie Plant Manager gave a lecture under the title “Idemitsu Unitech’s Health and Safety Activities.” This lecture was given upon the request from the Labor Standards Inspection Association in Tsu following the winning by the plant of an encouragement award from the Director of the Labor Bureau of the Mie Prefectural Government in 2018. The plant manager explained about Idemitsu Unitech’s policy on health and safety by introducing the plant’s past activities as concrete examples so that participants could understand them easily.


Petronas Chemicals Ethylene and Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) – Technological Knowledge Exchange

On May 2, eight technical staff members of Petronas Chemicals Ethylene (PCE), located in Malaysia, visited Idemitsu SM (Malaysia) to hold a meeting to exchange technological knowledge. The two companies have established cooperative relations with each other on a daily basis since PCE became a supplier of ethylene, a main ingredient of styrene monomers, and Idemitsu Kosan has invested in PCE. On the meeting day, participants actively exchanged opinions about the efforts to which the two companies pay particular attention to eliminate near-miss incidents. By presenting each other’s initiatives, they acquired new knowledge they could reflect on their future safety activities.