Supply Chain Cooperation

Receiving Interns from the Oil-producing Country; Oman

With the support of the Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum (JCCP), Idemitsu Kosan’s Technology & Engineering Center received interns from the College of Engineering of Sultan Qaboos University; one of the top engineering colleges in Oman, who wished to find employment in the state-run oil company in the future. The interns spent six weeks in Idemitsu from July 1 and were provided training with the cooperation of related departments.

The training program consisted of lectures on an overview of Idemitsu Kosan, the basics of chemical engineering, and distillation as well as model simulations. It also included practical learning at the Chiba Complex, Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, Keiyo Sea Berth, and other sites, and through this program, the interns obtained a deeper understanding of oil refining and petrochemistry in general.

In addition, over the weekend, they attended the Makuhari Beach Fireworks Festa in yukata (informal cotton kimono) and took a walk in Kamakura to enjoy Japanese culture and varied natural beauty. They had good time interacting with many Idemitsu employees. In the future, Idemitsu Kosan will continue to consider cherish human connection and strengthen its relationships with oil-producing countries further.


Magazine for Service Station (SS) Staff Members

On October 18, Idemitsu Kosan launched a magazine for SS staff members. The magazine was issued to build a bridge among the staff members who work at the both Showa Shell and Idemitsu service stations and provide opportunities to learn about each other’s SS. It carries useful information for daily operations and hints for store development. The magazine copies are scheduled to be distributed to our distributors’ offices and their SS once every two months.