Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability

Diversity & Inclusion / Reinforcement for Compliance

Idemitsu Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Idemitsu Group, as an energy co-creation company from Japan, will work with a diverse range of stakeholders to create new values in order to resolve various social issues.
Therefore, it is essential to initiate a positive chemical reaction by incorporating various perspectives, values, and strengths to maximize the potential of each individual.
Idemitsu Group will eradicate discrimination on the basis of position, employment status, age, gender, educational background, place of origin, nationality, race, disability, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. We will also actively promote “Diversity & Inclusion” through mutual respect by building each other up and making best use of everyone’s individuality.

  • We will eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  • We will create an environment where individuals can make the most of their abilities.
  • We will respect work-life balance of each employee.
  • We will create a workplace culture that respects and enhances each other's individuality.

and allows the team to maximize its strengths.

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Compliance Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Morals
    We will comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, social ethics, internal regulations, and contracts, and act with integrity as good corporate citizens.
  2. Respect for Human Rights
    We will not tolerate any infringement of human rights. We accept diversity in all forms (e.g. race, nationality, gender, etc.), and strive to create healthy and comfortable workplaces free of harassment.
  3. Safety, Quality, and Environmental Preservation
    We will ensure the appropriate quality of our products and services; We will do our utmost to prevent accidents and minimize losses due to disasters, and will act with due consideration to the preservation of the global environment.
  4. Fair and Free Competition
    We will conduct business transactions based on fair and free competition.
  5. Anti-Corruption
    We will maintain sound and transparent relationships with civil servants, government authorities, etc., both in Japan and abroad when conducting our business activities.
  6. Information Disclosure and Information Management
    We will manage information held by the Company appropriately with transparency and soundness of management. We will disclose information appropriately to the general public when necessary.
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Basic Policy on Harassment in the Workplace

  1. Purpose
    Idemitsu Group considers ‘respect for human rights’ as the highest priority in all decisions and actions; we will maintain harmonious relationship with the international and local communities and will not discriminate against any parties. In addition, we will not tolerate any words, deeds, or violence, both physical and mental, that may damage human dignity.
    Based on Idemitsu Group Human Rights Policy, this sets forth policies for preventing harassments and appropriately responding to harassments in order to ensure healthy work environments and free from all kinds of harassments. By deepening the understanding on ‘respect the human rights,’ we are committed to respect the human rights of all employees, and to create a workplace environment where all employees can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. Moreover, we will also ask business partners, including suppliers, to understand and comply this policy.
  2. Basic Policy

    <Basic Policy on Harassment in the Workplace>

    1. Idemitsu will not tolerate harassment in the workplace nor action that harms dignity of individuals.
    2. Idemitsu will continue to implement the following measures to ensure all workplaces are free of harassments.
      • We will disseminate the "Guidelines on Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace" to all employees.
      • We have established Consultation Desk for Harassments in the workplace to respond to a wide range of inquiries and troubles. In addition, we will take measures such as trainings so that the person in charge of Consultation Desk can respond to any harassments promptly and appropriately.
      • In responding to consultations and troubles, the privacy of individuals (such as sexual orientation, sexual self-esteem, medical history and/or sensitive personal information such as fertility treatment) is well-protected and we will not use the consultation details as reason to treat all related individuals disadvantageously.
      • In the event of harassment in the workplace, HR manager of related department, Consultation Desk, and the Human Resources Department will cooperate to find facts and resolve the problem and prevent the problem from recurring promptly and accurately.
      • We will take a resolute stance in dealing with harassment in the workplace.
      • In addition to conducting training to promote the understanding and awareness of harassment prevention in the workplace, we will enhance preventive measures and countermeasures that reflect opinions of each employee.
    3. The director in charge of Human Resources affairs shall take a full responsibility to promote and develop workplace environments in alinement to this basic policy.
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