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Idemitsu Group Human Rights Policy

Idemitsu Group Human Rights Policy

Idemitsu Group believes in the infinite possibilities of “the power of human beings”. By maximizing the full potential of all our employees, trusting, and cooperating with each other, we aim to contribute to the energy security of countries and regions around the world for the brightness and prosperity of the people who live there.
With this vision for Idemitsu Group, respecting human rights is at the core of everything we do and is the fundamental element of our business. 
This policy applies to all executive officers and employees of Idemitsu Group. We also expect all business partners, including our suppliers, to understand and comply with this policy.

  1. Respect for Human Rights
    Idemitsu Group seeks to work in harmony with both the international and local community, and does not allow discrimination against any individual or groups. In addition, we prohibit words or actions that could harm human dignity, be it physically or mentally.
    Idemitsu Group respects internationally recognized human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as we conduct business both in Japan and worldwide. We also support the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and the United Nations Global Compact.
    Idemitsu Group complies with the laws of the countries and regions where we operate. If local laws contradict internationally recognized human rights standards, we will seek ways to honor the principles of international human rights without violating local laws.
  2. Human Rights Due Diligence
    Idemitsu Group is committed to implement human rights due diligence in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We work to assess human rights risks in our business activities and take actions to prevent and mitigate the identified negative impacts.
  3. Human Rights Priority Issues
    1. (1) Promotion of Diversity
      Idemitsu Group's vision is to become a Japan-based energy co-creation company that strives to create new values with customers and stakeholders while seeking harmony with the environment and society based on diversity and inclusion. As noted below, we have established the Diversity & Inclusiveness Policy to embed this vision and commitment within our company.
    2. (2) Prohibition of forced labor
      Idemitsu Group does not allow, nor will be complicit in or benefit from, forced labor. In cases where compliance with local laws alone is not sufficient to meet this commitment, Idemitsu Group will take into account relevant international standards.
      Idemitsu Group does not allow any form of forced or compulsory labor at any stage, including bonded labor, when planning or conducting business operations. Idemitsu Group also does not confiscate identification cards of any of our workers, nor restricts their freedom of movement outside working hours.
    3. (3) Prohibition of Child Labor
      Idemitsu Group does not allow the use of child labor. We prohibit assigning hazardous or harmful work to young workers.
    4. (4) Prohibition of Discrimination
      Idemitsu Group is committed to respecting the human rights of all people, creating a work environment that does not harm individual’s dignity, and is free from discrimination.
      We do not allow discrimination based on race, gender, religion, belief, disability, nationality, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, educational background, marital status, job positions, employment type or any other distinctions irrelevant to business skills or experiences.
    5. (5) Prohibition of Harassment
      Idemitsu Group does not tolerate sexual harassment, power harassment, or other words or actions that constitute as physical or mental harassment, that could make a person feel degraded.
    6. (6) Freedom of Association and Recognition of the Right to Collective Bargaining
      Idemitsu Group respects employees’ rights to freedom of association, union participation, and collective bargaining. Idemitsu Group further prohibits any intimidation or retaliation against employees who exercise these rights.
      At domestic affiliated companies with labor unions, we have collective labor agreements with in-house labor unions where both parties should work to observe such agreements in good faith.
      At overseas affiliated companies, by the same approach, Idemitsu Group promotes communication between senior management and employees in order to deepen mutual understanding.
    7. (7) Maintaining our Working Environment
      Idemitsu Group complies with labor laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we operate, such as minimum wage and reasonable working hours. In addition, we will seek to create a comfortable working environment in consideration of the health and safety of our employees.
    8. (8) Land, Water and the Use of Natural Resources
      Where Idemitsu Group is involved in acquisition, leasing or use of lands, or development of natural resources, we work to mitigate negative environmental and social impacts resulting from such business operations. We also seek to give due consideration to the rights of the local people who use or live in or around the affected area. We will strive to ensure that living standards are not adversely affected, especially when the affected community is resettled. .
      We also work to prevent soil and water pollution so that our business does not negatively impact the local population’s access to safe and hygienic water.
    9. (9) Respect for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
      Idemitsu Group respects the rights of indigenous peoples arising from their cultures, spiritual traditions, history, and philosophies, in the countries and regions where we operate. In addition, if a potential negative impact related to our business operations is identified, we will strive to avoid, mitigate or minimize such impact.
  4. Grievance Mechanisms
    Idemitsu Group promotes a culture of communication and feedback, and employees can consult with their supervisors on any concerns related to human rights issues discussed in this policy. Idemitsu Group has a whistle blowing system for executive officers and employees to raise concerns related to actual or potential violations of the Code of Conduct, including human rights-related matters. Idemitsu Group also has a reporting channel for any interested stakeholder to raise concerns related to our business activities. Idemitsu Group continues to enhance our capacity to effectively identify our human rights impacts and optimize our grievance mechanisms.
  5. Information Disclosure
    Idemitsu Group regularly reports our efforts to respect human rights, including through our website and other appropriate channels.

This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Effective: December 17, 2019

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