Our Group's Efforts to Promote Understanding of SDGs

Our Group's Efforts to Promote Understanding of SDGs

We will use the SDGs as an opportunity to raise the awareness of each employee so that they can see social issue as their own issues and take initiative in solving them. We will essentially promote the SDGs understanding through workshops and internal information media. The SDGs, which combine the views of experts from various fields, member countries, and various stakeholders, serve as a valuable reference for us in pursuing sustainable growth together with society. We are confident that by raising each employee's awareness of social issues through the SDGs, we will be aware of the link between our business activities and social issues and will create measures to solve them. We will promote understanding of the SDGs through internal communication so that the key points of the SDGs are reflected in future corporate strategy and materiality.

At present, we consider the following to be important points of SDGs.

  • Acknowledging from multiple perspectives
  • Having a sense of connectedness and inclusiveness
  • Thinking in an integrated manner and deriving a solution
  • Visualizing and taking action
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Examples of initiatives in FY2019

On April 3, 2019, as part of the new employee education program, we held “SDGs Workshop,” in which 181 new employees participated and experienced the essence of SDGs by using card games.


On August 8 and 9, 2019, we held “Children's Visit & SDGs Workshop” for employees' children (elementary school students) to promote understanding of SDGs among employees through parent-child communication.

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