Environmental Management / Environmental Policy

Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental Protection Policy

The Idemitsu Group works to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities through more efficient energy use and other measures in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with harmonious coexistence between the economy and environment. We aim to protect the global environment by conducting appropriate education and awareness raising activities for all employees to enhance their eco-consciousness and actively promoting advanced initiatives to solve such environmental problems as global warming. To achieve this aim, we have established a policy regarding environmental conservation, both global and regional, as an important value to be prioritized in all our business activities.

Environmental Protection Policy
  1. Make all-out efforts to prevent leaks or contamination, and contribute to environmental protection.
  2. Actively contribute to the prevention of global warming and work to reduce greenhouse gases emitted through our business activities.
  3. Effectively use resources in all our business activities.
  4. Promote green procurement when purchasing material, construction work, services, etc.
  5. Be aware of the importance of biodiversity and actively contribute to its maintenance.
  6. Work to develop and popularize technologies and products that create a better environment.
  7. Set environmental objectives based on the annual basic policies, and facilitate concerted efforts to achieve those objectives via internal and external collaboration.
  8. Continually improve the Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance.
  9. Actively disclose environmental information and promote communication with parties outside the Company to ensure reliability and improve our corporate value.

In solving environmental issues, we are taking actions on our own. However, at some point there are issues that are difficult to tackle effectively with only our own strength. To resolve those issues, we collaborate with both national and international organizations and institutions.

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