Environmental Management / Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Structure / Environmental Management System

Environmental Management Structure

We have traditionally positioned “Safety, Health and the Environment” as key concepts supporting our management foundation, and have established the “Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters” to promote initiatives to secure employee safety and health as well as to preserve the environment. Members of the headquarters consist of the General Manager and co-head as well as division heads in charge of supervising business sites and others who are appointed by the General Manager, in addition to the secretariat. The executive in charge of safety and environment (Director) is appointed by the President and Representative Director to serve as the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, overseeing the headquarters as the individual bearing the highest responsibility regarding safety, health, and the environment. Safety, Environment (HSSE) & Quality Assurance Department serves as the secretariat.

The primary role of the headquarters is (1) to determine the medium-term management plan, the annual basic policies, and priority HSSE issues, (2) to assess and evaluate performance through audits, (3) to maintain, review, and improve the Environmental Management System, and (4) to instruct all departments and major affliated companies on how to secure the management resources necessary to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve this Management System. As a general rule, the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters Meeting is held once a year in December to decide on such matters as our group’s annual basic policies for the next fiscal year.

When establishing and reviewing the medium-term management plan, the annual basic policies, and priority issues regarding HSSE, the secretariat creates a draft proposal in a way that reflects on outcomes of HSSE activities undertaken in the preceding fiscal year and takes into consideration the social environment surrounding HSSE issues. The draft is examined at the Safety and Environmental Managers Meeting attended by managers in charge of safety and the environment from each department and then approved at the Headquarters Meeting. After the draft is ruled on by the General Manager of the headquarters, it is finally reported on to the Management Committee. If the Management Committee has instructions or opinions that should be reflected in the draft, the General Manager of the headquarters once again reviews and approves the final version.

The Board of Directors receives reports from the business executives and provides oversight on environmental issues, including climate change.

Positioning of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters in the Corporate Governance System and an Outline of the Safety and Environmental Management System
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Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System is presented in the diagram on the right. It is based on a combination of the group-wide PDCA cycle, utilized by the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, and the individual PDCA cycles utilized by each business department.

The Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters formulates a medium-term management plan for the entire Company and identifies annual basic policies and priority issues based on that plan. In line with these annual basic policies, each business department develops its own action plan.

Each business department operates a PDCA cycle in which it executes business activities based on its action plan, periodically evaluates and reviews these activities, and identifies matters that must be improved and reflected in the action plan for the next fiscal year. Meanwhile, the secretariat for the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters carries out an annual evaluation and review of group-wide operations of the Environmental Management System. Matters requiring improvement are discussed at Headquarters Meetings in conjunction with reviews carried out by each business department to ensure continuous improvement.

Environmental Management PDCA Cycle
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