Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability

Management Vision / Action Mindset

Management Vision

We are an energy co-creation company that values diversity and inclusion, creates new values with customers and stakeholders, and seeks harmony with the environment and society.

  • We will deliver various forms of energy and materials in a sustainable manner.
  • We will expand and share our problem-solving capabilities with the world.
  • We will grow stronger by anticipating change and responding flexibly.
出光興産, DFF Inc.

Action Mindset

In order to realize the Management Vision, the Idemitsu Group has established the Action Mindset, which is the basis for all employees’ attitudes and actions to be taken. Believing in the limitless possibilities of human beings, we strive to grow by constantly increasing each other’s potential and abide by the following five pillars: “Independet & autonomy,” “Innovation,” “Co-creation,” “Health & safety,” and “Integrity.”
All employees shall strive to deepen understanding of the Management Vision, Action Mindset, and various policies, take pride in being a member of the Group, be aware of their responsibilities, and conduct fair and transparent corporate activities.

出光興産, DFF Inc.