Idemitsu Group’s Sustainability

Management Vision / Action Mindset / Medium-term Management Plan

For Idemitsu, our Management Philosophy is a statement of “what is the meaning of our existence?” Our Management Philosophy is also a universal, unshakeable coordinate, like the North Star, and for employees, it is a guide when they are unsure of their judgments, and it represents a vision to which they should aspire at all times.

Our Vision changes with the times and the environment, and represents our initiatives to realize a sustainable society that we must connect to the future. Our Action Mindset exists to achieve our Management Philosophy, and we believe that we can come closer to our “Management Philosophy” by following our Action Mindset and moving forward toward our Vision.

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The Origin of Management

These are the words of the founder, Sazo Idemitsu, in his own handwriting. We intend to communicate to the world the importance of “Ningen-Soncho (Respect for human beings) ,” a key tenet of our history for over a century, and unassailable ideals we continue to pass down.

Management Philosophy

The reaffirmation of “People-Centered Management” beliefs and ideals, which we have carefully maintained since our founding. It is the guidance to “keep focused on what matters” and “stay committed to providing value to society” for all Group members.


This signifies the realization of the Management Philosophy at some point in the future. It is an image of the targets to be achieved through the business, and is also the “Ideal state” for the Company. In many cases, this will be linked to a medium to long-term business plan. It can be said that a Management Philosophy is something which remains unchanged over time, while a Vision is that which should change with the changing times.

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Vision for 2050

Shaping Change

We will fulfill our

  • Responsibility to support people and their daily lives
  • Responsibility to protect the global environment now and in the future

through the implementation of:

  • Energy one step ahead
  • Diverse resource conservation / circulation solutions
  • Smart Yorozuya*
  • *Smart Yorozuya: Smart one-stop shop
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Vision for 2030

Your Reliable Partner for a Brighter Future

We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to social challenges
in addition to providing stable energy supply,
and will fulfill three responsibilities through our business activities:

  • Responsibility to protect the environment and lifestyles:Energy/material transition to a carbon neutral/circulatory society
  • Responsibility to support regional communities:Next generation mobility & community for an aging society
  • Responsibility to provide for society with technologicalcapabilities:New materials to make it possible to overcome such challenges
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Action Mindset

The Idemitsu Group has established the Action Mindset, which is the basis for all employees’ attitudes and actions to be taken. Believing in the limitless possibilities of human beings, we strive to grow by constantly increasing each other’s potential and abide by the following five pillars: “Independence & Autonomy,” “Co-creation,” “Health & safety,” “Integrity,” and “Innovation.” All employees shall strive to deepen their understanding of our Management Philosophy, Vision, and Action Mindset and various policies, take pride in being a member of the Group, be aware of their responsibilities, and conduct fair and transparent corporate activities.

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Medium-term Management Plan (FY2023-2025)

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