Dialogue with Stakeholders

Dialogue with Stakeholders

The Group’s Management Vision makes it clear that we continue to create new values together with stakeholders. Through responsible dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, we strive to sustainably improve our corporate value and contribute to social development through our business activities.

Stakeholders Initiatives Details
All Information disclosure via website
  • We operate an official website to provide our stakeholders with timely corporate disclosure of the latest information on the activities of the Idemitsu Group. Contacts are also presented on the website to accommodate various types of inquiries as part of our proactive communication efforts.

    Official Website

Shareholders and investors Information disclosure to individual investors
  • In regions around Japan, we hold corporate briefings while participating in IR events for individual investors, with the Executive Officer in charge of IR, the General Manager of the Finance Department and other personnel giving presentations on the business overview, management strategies and operational status.
  • n addition to holding the annual general meetings of shareholders in June, we issue the Idemitsu IR Newsletter (Japanese only) twice a year.
Information disclosure to analysts and institutional investors
  • We hold quarterly financial results briefings while holding IR meetings on an individual basis and hosting small-group meetings with analysts.
  • Top management team members visit institutional investors in Europe, the United States, and Asia to update them on our management strategies and operational status.
Customers Customer center counters in place
  • We respond to inquiries that require specialized technological expertise regarding fuel oil, lubricants, and other products while accepting complaints about customer reception at service stations, the quality of gasoline, and the driving manners of our tanker truck drivers. Inquiries and complaints receive proper treatment through the customer center, via collaboration with relevant departments, and are utilized to make necessary improvements.

    Customer center counters

PR activities involving advertising
  • We constantly engage in advertising activities to enhance the general public’s understanding of the business operations and other initiatives being undertaken by the Idemitsu Group.
Corporate customer Holding customer seminars
  • We maintain close communication with corporate clients and promote the development of products and solutions suited to their needs. Our branches throughout Japan hold seminars for corporate clients to deliver information on the latest technical trends in the energy-saving and environment-related fields, as well as on regulatory conditions and other topics directly useful to their operations.
Community Holding community briefing sessions
  • We hold community briefing sessions at least once a year. In doing so, we invite heads of neighborhood associations and other representatives from communities in the vicinity of our refineries, complexes, and plants. We explain our safety and environment related efforts and hear the opinions of attendees.
Implementation of environmental education
  • We hold environmental classes focused on global warming, climate change, and other environmental concerns to help elementary school students and other young people from communities near our refineries, complexes, and plants deepen their understanding of these topics.
Implementation of environmental protection activities
  • We participate in cleanup activities in the vicinity of refineries, complexes, and plants, as well as local forest and beach conservation activities. In addition to contributing to local communities, these activities facilitate interaction between employees.
Employee Next Forum
  • In a concerted effort to create an even better company, we hold this forum twice a year to provide a place for employees to engage in face-to-face dialogue with top management and exchange their opinions and proposals with regard to company wide issues. Forum committee members appointed by each department sit with top management to directly communicate what their colleagues have to say about company-wide issues.
Holding townhall meetings and dialogue with management
  • In FY2020, we also began holding town hall meetings to provide a place for employees to engage in dialogue with top management. In May 2020, the first round was held in the form of online meetings livestreamed under the theme of “Management Status and New Brand.”
Conducting an employee engagement survey
  • We conduct this survey on an annual basis to enable the ongoing and quantitative analysis of work engagement among employees, including whether they find their jobs rewarding and if they have a sense of mutual trust and unity. The 2020 survey was conducted in the period from late July to early-August 2020, and targeted a total of 11,848 individuals at Idemitsu and its affiliated companies, with 97.5% of these individuals responding.
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