Performance List of Dialogue with Stakeholders

Participating in "ESG Management Forum - Achieving Sustainable Transformation"

On January 10, 2020, Idemitsu Group represented by the General Manager of Corporate Sustainability Department, Executive Officer Terakami, gave speech at the ESG Management Forum seminar themed “Achieving Sustainable Transformation" sponsored by Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Mitsubishi Research Institute. We introduced our Group's sustainability strategy to about 200 investors and other people, and exchanged opinions in a panel discussion.

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Speech by Head of Corporate Sustainability at ‘Global Warming and Financial Capital Market Symposium’

The symposium was held on July 22, 2019, sponsored by the Securities Analysts Association of Japan. Under the title “Idemitsu Group – Harmony with Environment and Society,” our Corporate Sustainability Department Head presented Idemitsu’s initiatives such as reducing the environmental impact from the coal business mainly through varied renewable energy options and black pellets. His presentation was well received by participating analysts.

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Our Group's Efforts to Promote Understanding of SDGs

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Number of Inquiries and Complaints Received by Customer Center Counters (FY2019)

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Major Seminars for Customers (FY2019)

  Location Number of
Participants Number of
Number of
The 16th Apollo Energy Meeting Tokyo 1 Customers in the coal and petroleum products fields 155 301
Environmental seminars Nationwide 43 Customers in the petroleum products field 331 842
The 41st Cutting Oil Workshop Tokyo and Osaka 2
(one for each location)
Customers in the lubricants field 108 170
The 43rd Thermal Treatment Workshop Tokyo and Osaka 2
(one for each location)
134 262
Practical Seminar on Lubricant Engineering Chiba 1 8 9
Seminar on Lubricants Basics Chiba 1 16 22
Electricity Sales Workshops for Corporate Clients Tokyo 1 Oil dealers (industrial energy, lubricant, and gas sectors,
46 81
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