External Awards


Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
FY2022 Science and Technology from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award Electronic Materials Department Electronic Materials Development Center
Masakazu Funahashi

Advanced Technology Research Laboratories Advanced Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory
Masahide Matsuura

Lithium Battery Material Department Battery Material Development Center
Kenichi Fukuoka
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology April 8, 2022 This Award praises the achievements of those who have achieved remarkable results in research and development and promotion of understanding of science and technology. Of these, the “development category” is an epoch-making research and development / invention that contributes to the development and improvement of Japan’s socio-economics and people’s lives, and is targeted at those that are currently being utilized.
The award achievement was “Development of a highly efficient and long-life blue organic EL light emitting device.”
Display Week 2022: OLED Technology Category: Best Paper Paper Title「Realization of Ultra-High Efficient Fluorescent Blue OLED」 Society of Information Display May 9, 2022 Idemitsu developed a new light producing method for OLEDs using fluorescent blue-light emitting materials and succeeded in achieving the world’s highest light emitting rate and longevity. The paper presenting the achievement was selected as the best paper in the OLED Technology Category at Display Week 2022, which is a symposium held by the Society for Information Display, the world’s largest academic group for displays.
FY2021 Japanese Society of Tribologists Paper Award Lubricants Research Laboratory
Masato Kaneko
Japanese Society of Tribologists May 24, 2022 This award is given to outstanding individuals, research papers, technologies, and more for the purpose of encouraging the development of studies and technologies in the field of tribology.
Regarding the viscosity and temperature characteristics of lubricants, we introduced a formula that can be applied to high-pressure viscosity and used to calculate the high-pressure viscosity of lubricants. The formula for which the prize was awarded is presented in the paper “High pressure rheology of lubricants (Part 5) - Derivation of van der Waals type viscosity equation -” which was highly praised.
FY2021 Japanese Society of Tribologists Technology Award Lubricants Research Laboratory
Tomoaki Okano
Keiji Asada
Hideaki Hattori
Japanese Society of Tribologists May 24, 2022 This award is given to outstanding individuals, research papers, technologies, and more for the purpose of encouraging the development of studies and technologies in the field of tribology.
Idemitsu received the award with high praise for its unique creativity in developing water-soluble cutting oil and the technical skills underlying this achievement. This was Idemitsu’s first award for its water-soluble cutting oil.
FY2022 Science and Technology Promotion Award Technology & Engineering Center
Senior Chief Associate
Yoichi Ishizaki
High Pressure Institute of Japan May 27, 2022 Yoichi Ishizaki and three people from oil and petrochemical companies in Japan authored the research paper that received the award, which is entitled “Overview of Significance of Ms and Validation of Reference Stress Solution(1)-(3).”
Praised as an excellent, highly reliable review, this research paper was reflected in the common appropriate evaluation standards for equipment under the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act, which were approved for use from fiscal 2022.
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Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
FY2021 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize for Creativity in the Field of Science and Technology Idemitsu Plantech Hokkaido 1 people
Seibu Oil 2 people
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology April 6, 2021 This prize is for those who have improved technology in the workplace through excellent creativity. There were 1,935 applicants and 477 recipients. Of those recipients, the Idemitsu Group accounted for three. The prizes were awarded to engineers who contributed to the field of science and technology.
FY2020 Japanese Society of Tribologists Technology Award Lubricants Research Laboratory
Daisuke Takekawa
Kazushige Matsubara
Keiichi Narita
Japanese Society of Tribologists May 25, 2021 This award is given to outstanding individuals, research papers, technologies, and more for the purpose of encouraging the development of studies and technologies in the field of tribology.
The technology that received the award enhances the performance of fluid for transaxles for electric vehicles (eAxles). It received high praise for helping enhance the performance of eAxles and combat global warming. Using this technology, Idemitsu developed and commercialized the new IDEMITSU E AXLE FLUID as a fluid specially designed for eAxles.
Science and Technology Award Chiba Complex
Yu Takarada
High Pressure Institute of Japan May 28, 2021 This is an honorary award given to young engineers recognized as significantly contributing to and advancing the academic development of future-facing pressure technologies. Yu Takarada received the award in recognition of a research paper regarding the relationship between the hardness and tensile strength of austenite stainless steel.
Chairman Award of the Chiba Prefecture Firefighter Association Ichikawa Astomos Terminal Chiba Prefecture Firefighter Association June 29, 2021 We received high praise for the proactive measures we took to assure safety management and security of high-pressure gas.
Special Award for the 50th Anniversary Ceremony for Chita City Aichi Refinery Chita City, Aichi Prefecture July 18, 2021 We were commended for our sustainable industry activities and long-standing environmental protection and social welfare activities.
Sixth Coin Laundry Awards 2021: Special Prize WASH TERRACE Syonandai International Coin-operated Laundry EXPO executive committee September 15, 2021 All stores throughout Japan are eligible to submit an entry for the awards, and a selection committee selects and awards excellent stores in each category. The laundry service store that received the award was opened in April 2020 as a field test. In addition to its provision of staffed laundry services and café functions, the store was praised for its level of customer service and the cleanliness of the facilities.
Hokkaido Energy Saving and New Energy Promotion Awards: New Energy Category: Grand Prize Hokkaido Refinery Hokkaido Prefecture October 19, 2021 The awards are given every year to individuals and organizations that make remarkable achievements related to Hokkaido Energy Saving and New Energy Promotion Regulations as well as developing and introducing new energy.
We undertook measures at our refineries to help realize a low-carbon society, such as introducing ultra-compact EVs for on-site vehicles, and received praise for the strong ripple effects we are having as a leading example of introducing new energy.
Excellent Safety Employee Award Technology & Engineering Center
Fuel Quality Technology Office
Shigemi Yamahira
Chiba Prefecture Cooling Equipment Safety Association October 26, 2021 For many years he has actively worked to ensure the safety of and prevent disasters involving high-pressure cooling equipment. His accomplishments to date were highly commended with this award.
Minister of the Economy, Trade and Industry Award for High-Pressure Gas Safety
Tokuyama polypro Co.,ltd
Tokuyama factory
Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry October 29, 2021 This award is given mainly to people who have contributed to safety and excellent work sites where remarkable achievements have been made in preventing disasters from high-pressure gas.
We received the award as a work site that has in place especially excellent safety measures related to facility structures, equipment, and manufacturing methods for the production of high-pressure gas.
Tokuyama Polypro was highly praised for its long-standing safety management activities with 51 years of zero accidents since 1970, when it was established, as well as zero lost-time injuries since 1975.
66th Shibusawa Award Technology & Engineering Center
Engineering Design & Technical Office
Keisuke Etoh
The Japan Electric Association November 3, 2021 Through research papers and external technical lectures in the electric security field, he havs worked to raise awareness of technologies that help ensure electric security in Japan. His efforts related to electric security to date have been highly commended.
Cogeneration Awards 2021: Industrial Category: Special Prize Astomos Energy Corporation Advanced Cogeneration and Energy Utilization Center February 5, 2022 The awards are given to excellent cogeneration power facilities mainly for their newness, foresight, new technologies, and energy conservation.
Astomos Energy Corporation was praised for its efforts in collaboration with E-net Co., Ltd., Nippon White Farm co.,Ltd. and Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. to support the switch from using heavy oil A for power generation to cogeneration using LPG. To overcome such issues as maintaining power during outages and responding to the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, the company introduced 20 LPG cogeneration power systems, establishing Japan’s largest collection of units using city gas and LPG as the main energy source.
Excellent Energy Saving and Decarbonized Device and System Awards: Head of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Prize
Boiler control optimization system ''ULTY-V plus'' The Japan Machinery Federation February 15, 2022 The award is given to individuals, companies, and organizations recognized as helping promote a low-carbon society by developing and utilizing excellent industrial energy-saving devices and systems or developing and utilizing devices and systems that are effective in holding down CO2 emissions.
The system, which is sold by NYK IDEMITSU Green Solutions, was praised for its ability to improve the environmental friendliness and economical performance of existing boilers that use such fuel as coal and heavy oil.
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Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
FY2020 Science and Technology Promotion Award Technology & Engineering Center
Chief Associate
Yoichi Ishizaki
High Pressure Institute of Japan May 29, 2020 The award-winning paper "Safety Factor Table for Partial Corrotion Management" was co-authored with four people from outside the company. The table can simply determine fracture occurrence probability of a corroded pressure-resistant part as reflected in "metal loss assessment for pressure equipment based on reliability".
Fire Station Chief’s Prize Karatsu Oil Terminal Fire and Disaster Management Agency June 8, 2020 The Karatsu Oil Terminal, which supplies petroleum products to areas of Saga, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka prefectures, recorded zero accidents and zero disasters for over 4,700 days. As an excellent hazardous substance business site, the depot received the Fire Station Chief’s Prize from the local fire station.
Excellent Business Site for Training Equipment Maintenance Managers Chiba Complex Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) November 12-13, 2020 This award is given to business sites that have many confirmed accomplishments in enhancing equipment reliability and training equipment maintenance managers. Our business sites were commended for working earnestly to acquire qualifications and proactively participating in external committee activities.
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Award/ Commendation Winner Organizer Date Description
Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Distinguished Service Itaru Matsuhiro, (CEO Assistant) Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) May 28, 2019 Outstanding achievements in the development of Japan Petroleum Institute for six years.
Chunichi Shimbun Advertising Grand Prize Best Award in Sport Category PR article “Show Your Splendid Work Like Manga Chunichi Shimbun        Co., Ltd. June 14, 2019 Moto GP rider Takaaki Nakagami’s fighting spirit is well represented through manga-like interview article.
Dentsu Advertising Awards Gold Prize in the Category of Enterprises and Public Sector II TV commercial “My Father’s Job” Advertising Dentsu Award Council July 1, 2019 The commercial depicts a boy’s point of view of his father who works far away in Vietnam to support Nghi Son Refinery construction for a better energy security in the region.
Japanese Spring Conference for the Technology of Plasticity 2019
Encouragement Award for Excellent Paper
Lubricants Research Laboratory
Tomoaki Okano
The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity June 7-9, 2019 The theme of the award-winning paper was “Development of Cold Forging Oil Using the Phase Transition Behavior of Lubricants.
Best HR Leader in Greater China – HR Excellence Award 2019 Tsai Senior Manager - Idemitsu Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Human Capital Forum 2019 September 5, 2019 A prestigious award by Greater China Human Resources Management for Chinese HR professionals and companies worldwide.
Fire Service Merit Award Nagasaki Oil Terminal Government of Nagasaki City January 7, 2020 Awarded for being proactively and steadily conducting firefighting activities (disaster drills and preventions) in cooperation with local residents.
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