Response to Climate Change

Concept of Climate Change "Mitigation"

Concept of Climate Change "Mitigation"

We believes it is important to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions not only our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but also throughout the value chain including Scope 3, because emissions from the consumption of our products (Scope3) are overwhelmingly larger than those from direct emissions (Scope 1) of refineries, plants, and factories or emissions from electricity use (Scope 2).(Refer to the figure below). In particular, we place top priority on reducing CO2, which accounts for more than 90% of Japan's GHG emissions.

Our group's CO2 Emissions by Scope
Showa Shell
  • * Idemitsu's results for FY2017 do not include S3-6 (Business Travel) and S3-7 (Employee commuting).
  • * Figures of Showa Shell for 12 months (January – December 2018) listed for reference purpose are not covered by the independent practitioner’s assurance.

There are many areas in diversified value chains related to the Idemitsu Group businesses that could contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Therefore, we will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by strengthening activities in these areas.

Examples of contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the value chains
  1. Example 1Reduction of fuel consumption by improving the operating efficiency of crude oil carriers
  2. Example 2Reduction of fuel consumption by promoting energy-saving at refineries
  3. Example 3Reduction of coal consumption by introducing a high-efficiency combustion system for coal-fired boilers
  4. Example 4Limitation of fossil fuel power generation by expanding renewable energy power generation
  5. Example 5Expansion of renewable energy power generation by manufacturing and supplying solar panels
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