Response to Climate Change

GHG Reduction Initiatives 3. Provision of Eco - Friendly Products and Services

Provision of environmentally friendly Products and Services

We provide products and services designed to help reduce CO2 emissions. By doing so, we contribute to the CO2
emissions reduction efforts of not only Idemitsu Group entities but those of the entire supply chain.

出光興産, DFF Inc.

Cumulative Solar Panel Shipments Worldwide Surpass 6GW MilestoneSolar panel sales and solving issues related to photovoltaic power generation

Our Group company, Solar Frontier K.K, is working to solve issues related to photovoltaic power generation through sales, operation management, maintenance and inspection, solar panels recycling, and R&D of next-generation solar cells. The issues are as follows.

  • Limited installation area
  • Long-term stable use of power plants and mass disposal of solar panels
  • Stabilization of supply-demand balance of grid power system

Through these efforts, we will contribute to making solar power generation the main power source in Japan.

出光興産, DFF Inc.

Sale of ULTY-V plus™ coal boiler control optimization system

We developed the ULTY-V plus™ coal boiler control optimization system in tandem with the NYK Group. Once introduced, this system enables our customers to reduce coal consumption approximately 1%, thus helping them improve economic efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In March 2019, we also established NYK IDEMITSU Green Solutions Co., Ltd., a fifty-fifty joint venture, in tandem with the NYK Group. The new company focuses on solution proposals aimed at marketing the system. In FY2021, Hokuriku Electric Power Company ordered four systems and expects to reduce CO2 emissions by around 100,000 tons per year after their installation. Going forward, we will continue promoting sales in Japan and overseas.
In addition, we developed the BAIOMIX™ system that calculates the optimal co-firing ratio for biomass fuels in coal boilers and launched sales of the system in August 2021. Installing the BAIOMIX™ system in the ULTY-V-plus system enables the optimal and automatic control of biomass co-firing in coal boilers.

To expand biomass co-firing at coal-fired power plants, Idemitsu developed black pellets made of semi-carbonized wood with excellent crushability and heat generation that are nearly equivalent to coal in terms of function. This is one way we are working to reduce CO2 emissions using existing coal-fired power generation equipment.
The recently developed BAIOMIX™ system calculates the economic burden as well as the impact on equipment and the power generation rate of biomass co-firing, including that using black pellets, and the artificial intelligence (AI) uses historical co-firing rate data to calculate the optimal co-firing rate.
Furthermore, the system is compatible with various combustion modes, such as that involving co-firing biomass fuel supplied via a specialized line with coal or that involving mixing coal and biomass fuel together for combustion using existing equipment.


We also promote the development of environmentally friendly products in growth business fields, including those listed below.

  • Products compatible with EVs (high-performance lubricants and grease)
  • Development of all-solid-state lithium-ion battery materials
  • Next-next-generation high-performance (e.g., ultra-high-efficiency) solar panels
  • Advenced greases (the utilization of cellulose nanofiber, a biodegradable and safe material derived from wood pulp for use in food processing machinery)
出光興産, DFF Inc.


Solar Pavement Installation at Tokyo Big Sight

Solar Frontier and Hayamizu Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. installed pavement type solar panels (solar pavement) at Tokyo Big Sight as part of the “Renewable Energy Visualization Model Project” in Tokyo, and is ready to be used since March 26. The solar pavement can store the electricity generated during the day and use it at night to display messages on the floor. CIS* solar cell made by Solar Frontier, which is strong against partial shadows and has a large actual power, and a light guide plate technology of Hayamizu Denki Kogyo are combined to realize a highly visible glowing sidewalk. The total length is about 16.5m, and the expected annual power generation is about 750kWh. The solar panels will be installed until March 31, 2021.

  • * CIS: copper, indium, selenium compounds
Idemitsu’s High-performance Asphalt "Maybright A" for a Lower Road Surface Temperature

The asphalt, known to be able to lower the road surface temperature by 10°C is adopted in Shirahama Park located along the bank of Yahagi River next to Toyota Stadium, one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup, in Aichi Prefecture. It is light in color, therefore colorable, and produced by using natural gravel in the area. The asphalt paving itself was completed in July. Maybright A, which is effective in lowering the road surface temperature by around 10 degrees compared to the conventional methods of pavement, is expected to be able in reducing ‘heat island’ effect.

出光興産, DFF Inc.