Biodiversity Conservation

Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

Many different species of organisms live on this planet, forming intricately interwoven ecosystems that possess the ability to absorb a wide range of external changes and still return to their original state. The Group recognizes that one of its important duties as a company is to pass on these ecosystems to the next generation and conserve the environment for the continued survival of a diverse range of organisms. To this end, the Group strives to consider the environment in terms of air, water and soil, which are indispensable for life, from the design stages of each type of equipment.
Idemitsu’s business activities span the globe, but Japan forms the core of our operations. Because the country’s land stretches far from north to south, features high and low elevations, and is surrounded by the ocean, Japan is home to a wide range of species and is considered one of 36 biodiversity hotspots around the world.
Preserving even a small portion of this precious biological treasure will be of incalculable value to future generations. The Group upholds biodiversity conservation as one of its environmental protection policies and continues to take action on this front. We have expressed our support for the “Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren and Action Policy” from the beginning. We also aim to contribute to the spread of biodiversity in the industry.

List of the Biodiversity Hotspots Around the World
1 Cerrado 19 Mountains of Southwest China
2 East Malaysian Islands 20 Philippines
3 Guinean Forests of West Africa 21 Polynesia-Micronesia
4 Indo-Burma 22 Succulent Karoo
5 Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands 23 Sundaland
6 Mediterranean Basin 24 Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena
7 Mountains of Central Asia 25 Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
8 Tropical Andes 26 California Floristic Province
9 Wallacea 27 Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests
10 Atlantic Forest 28 Forests of East Australia
11 Cape Floristic Region 29 Horn of Africa
12 Caribbean Islands 30 Irano-Anatolian
13 Caucasus 31 Japan
14 Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa 32 Madrean Pine-Oak Woodlands
15 Eastern Afromontane 33 New Caledonia
16 Himalaya 34 New Zealand
17 Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany 35 North American Coastal Plain
18 Mesoamerica 36 Southwest Australia

Source: Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) Website

Initiative of Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren Website (Only available in Japanese)


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