Biodiversity Conservation

Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

Stance on Biodiversity Conservation

A wide variety of organisms live on the earth, and these organisms are intricately intertwined to form ecosystems that have restorative functions that absorb various external changes and restore the ecosystems to their original state. The Idemitsu Group recognizes that in line with the goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity, passing on these ecosystems to the next generation, and maintaining and restoring an environment where diverse organisms can continue to live, is an important mission for companies to fulfill. Under the Biodiversity Guideline as below, we are working to protect biodiversity while building alliances with local communities.

Biodiversity Guideline

We continue our business activities while utilizing the natural environment (natural capital) consisting of land, water, air, and ecosystems including a wide variety of species and genes.
The importance of passing on the natural environment (natural capital), which is the foundation of social activities, to future generations in an appropriate manner is a value that we have cherished until now. Idemitsu Group Sustainability Policy clearly states that we will contribute to the preservation of the natural environment and the realization of a circular society by reducing environmental risks from our business activities.
This guideline is established as a supplement to the Idemitsu Group Sustainability Policy and as a guideline for further conservation activities in the field of biodiversity included in the natural environment (natural capital).

  • We will accurately grasp the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and strive to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts.
  • When considering new businesses, we will fully consider the impact from the perspective of biodiversity.
  • We will contribute to the restoration of ecosystems whose biodiversity has deteriorated.
  • We will contribute to the expansion of ecosystems where biodiversity is conserved.
  • We will promote environmental education and awareness of biodiversity.
  • We will strengthen disclosure of initiatives related to biodiversity conservation and expand dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders.
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