Response to Water Risk

Examples of Specific Initiatives

Strengthening of Water Recycling at Refineries and Complexes

Our refineries and complexes, which use a large amount of water, are working on reducing their water consumption. A certain amount of water (seawater and fresh water) is required to cool the process fluid during the oil refining process at refineries. Fresh water (hot water) used for cooling is circulated in an air-cooled condenser for cooling, and is used again as cooling water for the process fluid to reduce the impact on the natural environment. As a water user, we will make further efforts to recycle water resources.

Recycling of industrial water (FY2018
  Idemitsu Showa Shell
Industrial water intake (thousand t) 59,281 40,316
Recycled (thousand t) 543,645 1,144,821
Recycling rate (%) 90.2 96.6
  • * Scope of Idemitsu's data: Hokkaido Refinery, Chiba Complex, Aichi Refinery, Tokuyama Complex, Cray Valley Idemitsu Corporation, Prime Polymer Co., Ltd., Anesaki Works
    * Scope of Showa Shell's data: Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu Co., Ltd., TOA Oil Co., Ltd., Seibu Oil Co., Ltd.
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Reduction of Water Consumption by Collaboration with Other Companies

At Aichi Refinery, we are working on reducing water consumption by sharing cold water with other companies through cooperation within the industrial complex. This is an initiative supported by the Research Association of Refinery Integration for Group-Operation (RING). By effectively using the chilled water discharged from the LNG vaporizer of Chita LNG Co., Ltd., which is adjacent to the complex, as process cooling water, we are contributing to the reduction of water intake in the Chita area as a whole.

Chilled water supply through cooperation within the industrial complex
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