Response to Circular Economy

Initiative 1 Plastic Recycling

Initiative 1 Plastic Recycling

We are working on the practical application of chemical recycling, in which collected plastics are decomposed and returned to chemical raw materials by using the cracking units for petroleum refining.


We are also aware of the need to tackle the problem of marine plastic waste by rallying every company in the supply chain. We have joined two industry associations and started sharing and exploring information. We are also working to raise awareness of the problem of marine plastics within the Company.

Japan Initiative for Marine Environment (JaIME)

Established by five Japanese chemical-related associations (Japan Chemical Industry Association, The Japan Plastics Industry Federation, Plastic Waste Management Institute, Japan Petrochemical Industry Association, and Vinyl Environmental Council).

Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)

Consisting of 361 business corporations and organizations from plastic supply chains (as of August 27, 2020)

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