Response to Circular Economy

Initiative 1 Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

Idemitsu and Environment Energy Co., Ltd. agreed to consider conducting a pilot test of a waste plastic recycling project at the Company’s Chiba Complex. In this test, we aim to utilize the waste plastic decomposition technology of Environment Energy and the oil refining and petrochemical equipment of the Chiba Complex in order to recycle mixed plastics, which are difficult to process using conventional technologies.


Idemitsu does everything from crude oil refining to plastic manufacturing. Leveraging this strength, we will continue actively working to contribute to a low-carbon society by recycling waste plastic into petroleum.
We are also aware of the need to tackle the problem of marine plastic waste by rallying every company in the supply chain. We have joined two industry associations and started sharing and exploring information. We are also working to raise awareness of the problem of marine plastics within the Company.

Japan Initiative for Marine Environment (JaIME)

Established by five Japanese chemical-related associations (Japan Chemical Industry Association, The Japan Plastics Industry Federation, Plastic Waste Management Institute, Japan Petrochemical Industry Association, and Vinyl Environmental Council).

Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)

Consisting of 361 business corporations and organizations from plastic supply chains (as of August 27, 2020)

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Supporting Gunpla through Chemical Recycling

The Bandai Namco Group uses chemical recycling to support the plastic Gundam model kits called Gunpla that it sells. These kits have used polystyrene sourced from our affiliate PS Japan (PSJ) since their launch. Gunpla kits are major hit products with cumulative sales exceeding 700 million units and celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2020.
PSJ is a participant in the Gunpla Recycle Project launched by the Bandai Namco Group in 2021 through chemical recycling. The Project aims to produce the world’s first plastic model products created by chemically recycling by collecting the Gunpla frame parts called runners.
Chemical recycling technologies thermally crack used polystyrene. Applying cutting-edge technologies that revert polystyrene into raw material styrene monomers, PSJ will continue repeatedly conducting pilot tests to establish these technologies going forward.
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