Waste Reduction

Concept and Performance

The Idemitsu Group works to curb environmental impact by reducing the volume of industrial waste generation and by promoting the reuse of raw materials and the utilization of recycled raw materials from the perspective of the effective use of resources.

Among the major types of waste generated by our businesses are waste catalysts from refinery processes, sludge from tank cleaning, and sludge from wastewater treatment facilities. We constantly strive to reduce the volume of waste and render it harmless through such intermediate treatments as incineration, dehydration, and dissolution, and we promote the reuse of treated waste such as using it as raw material for cement. By doing so, we are maintaining our “zero emissions” status, that is, keeping the ratio of waste we dispose of by landfill at 1% or less.

Reduction Targets

Currently, Japan’s petroleum and chemical industries are pursuing their respective voluntary reduction targets* for the final disposal volume of industrial waste in line with Nippon Keidanren’s Voluntary Action Plan for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society. Based on these targets, our company has defined its own target for waste, namely, keeping the ratio disposed of by landfill at 1% or less of the overall volume of waste emitted from our refineries and petrochemical plants.

  • * Voluntary reduction targets for the final disposal volume of industrial waste
    The petroleum industry (Petroleum Association of Japan): Maintain “zero emission” status by keeping the ratio of waste disposed of by landfill at 1% or less in FY2020 (the ratio was 5.8% in FY2000)
    The chemical industry (Japan Chemical Industry Association): Reduce the volume of waste disposed of by landfill approximately 70% in FY2020 from the FY2000 level
Breakdown of industrial waste disposal
Final disposal rate at group refineries
  • * Scope of FY2019 calculation: Hokkaido Refinery, Chiba Complex, Aichi Refinery, Tokuyama Complex, TOA Oil Co., Ltd. and Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu Co., Ltd.
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