Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Awareness Raising of D&I

Conducting Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias refers to distorted and warped perceptions that every person has but is unaware of. Although such bias may be effective in terms of risk avoidance, making unconscious judgements about others can have negative effects on workplaces and individuals. Such bias is considered a roadblock to promoting D&I (emerging as loss of opportunities for innovation and growth opportunities for female and other employees) and a factor in harassment.
We are aware that the basic principle of D&I is the acceptance of and mutual respect for each other’s differences and backgrounds. By ensuring all employees are aware of their biases, we aim to enhance mutual understanding and workplace communications and realize a corporate culture in which innovation easily happens. As one measure to this end, across the Company we are rolling out unconscious bias training (e-learning, dialogue-based workshops, lectures), including for executives.

In fiscal 2021, we are continuing continue to hold “Uncon-Dialogues” interactive, dialogue-based workshops on unconscious bias open to the public, and to expand our efforts by holding such dialogues within each department and affiliate company.

Overview of the Initiatives
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Unconscious Bias Training

Step 1 (Part 1) E-Learning

E-learning is Step 1 (Part 1) of unconscious bias training. The aim is for executive officers and employees to: 1. learn what unconscious bias is and 2. become aware of their own unconscious biases. The attendance rate was over 90%, and the training helped promote a better understanding of unconscious bias.

Goal To gain basic knowledge of unconscious bias
Period 10/19–11/18/2020
Scope Executive officers and employees: 6,169 in total
Attendance Attendees 5,668
Attendance rate 92%
Survey results

Respondents: 4,380; Response rate: 77%

Respondents who can understand unconscious bias: 98% (4,754)
Respondents who became aware of their own unconscious biases: 81% (3,951)

Respondents’ comments:
  • I was able to understand that unconscious bias has a large impact on my daily decision making.
  • Looking back, I realized that I make judgments unconsciously.
  • I understood the importance of acknowledging unconscious biases.
Step 1 (Part 2) Interactive  Workshops (Unconscious Bias Dialogues)

Interactive workshops are Step 1 (Part 2) of unconscious bias training.​
After learning about their own unconscious biases through Step 1 (Part 1) e-learning, we emphasize holding dialogues with various types of participants to achieve new revelations through self-reflection and then use that new understanding to change behavior.
This workshop program was created with original content after holding trials with relevant executives and concerned employees. In addition, we thoroughly conducted facilitator education with the aim of ensuring highly effective dialogue.

Goal To deepen understanding of the negative impact of unconscious bias in the workplace through dialogues and leverage that understanding to reshape behavior
Period 11/30/2020–3/17/2021
  • Executive officers, general managers, HR managers (mandatory for key persons who implement Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) measures at workplaces)
  • Other employees who elect to participate (executive officers and managers)
Workshop details Held a total of 86 times, a total of 450 participants (153 mandatory participants (participation rate: 97.5%))

Respondents: 401; Response rate: 89%

Respondents who claimed the unconscious bias dialogues met or exceeded expectations: 96% (385) 
Respondents who attained revelation: 97% (390)

Respondents‘ comments:
  • Through dialogues with various participants, I realized I had unconscious bias that I was unaware of.
  • I felt that the dialogue-based training affected my actual behavior.
  • I became aware that “my common knowledge is somebody else’s uncommon knowledge,” and I will continue having dialogues with various kinds of people.
  • I respect each person’s individuality and want to create a better workplace environment with everyone around me.
Step 2 Unconscious Bias Lecture

As Step 2 of our unconscious bias training, we conducted training in two parts: a lecture by an expert and a panel discussion mainly comprising Company officers.
In the follow-up survey, around 98% of participants responded positively to joining the training, and there were many comments supporting the effectiveness of the training.

Goal To promote understanding of the impact of unconscious bias on organizational management and the importance of D&I in management and then leverage that understanding to improve corporate culture
Date 3/4/2021
Scope Mainly officers, executive officers, and managers
Participation 650 people (managers, executive officers: 372; employees in charge: 278)
Step 3 (April 2021 and onward)

We are considering measures based on Step 1 (e-learning, unconscious bias dialogues) and Step 2 (lectures for managers).
Going forward, we aim to enhance communication in the workplace and foster a corporate culture that stimulates innovation by continually taking such measures as holding lectures and expanding unconscious bias dialogues, and roll them out to our Group companies.

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D&I Experience Event

Since October 2018, the event has been held to meet the needs of each department of Idemitsu and Showa Shell with a total of 826 participants as of December 31, 2019. In the experience event, participants discuss common dilemmas in the workplace (including balancing work and childcare) within a group to recognize the difference between their thoughts, values and what they treasure and those of other members. We will continue to hold this kind of experience event to promote activities conducted by diverse human resources through D&I.

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