Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Promoting the Active Participation of People with Disabilities

Basic Stance

We are working to create an environment in which people with disabilities can demonstrate their abilities and work, and to provide opportunities for such people. In addition to operations at the head office and other sites around the country, in 2011 we began cleaning accommodation facilities at our training centers and in 2015 we began operations in the horticulture division (Idemitsu Yume Farm), which cultivates flowering plants using the greenhouse facilities of our Advanced Technology Research Laboratories. In 2019, we constructed a strawberry plantation in Tokuyama Complex using waste heat from the site, creating employment opportunities such as cultivation work. The strawberries are used in company cafeterias, and in the future we plan to increase the number of cultivation houses and hire more people with disabilities. We are also considering ways to promote the employment of people with disabilities in each department, and with a view to expanding operations at our head office, we will continue to promote the creation of workplaces and employment opportunities where people with disabilities can work with pride and enjoyment.

Trend of percentage of employees with disabilities
  • * The data for FY2019, as of July 1, 2019, cover Idemitsu hiring (Including employees seconded from Showa Shell and employees seconded to other companies).
  • * Idemitsu's data in FY2015 to 2018 are as of June 1 of each year.
  • * Showa Shell's data in FY2015 to 2017 are as of December 31 of each year.
  • * Showa Shell's data in FY2018 was not disclosed due to the timing of data calculation.
出光興産, DFF Inc.

Support for People with Disabilities; Tokuyama Complex Strawberry Farm

Tokuyama Complex opened a strawberry farm to create jobs for people with disabilities and make them feel challenged at work. The farm, which consists of an approximately 150-square-meter vinyl plastic house, utilizes the complex’s utilities such as industrial water, steam, and electricity. Working together with Yamaguchi Prefectural Technology Center for Agricultural and Forestry, the farm aims at harvesting its first strawberries in February. Strawberry cultivation began on November 6, and six personnel manage it under work-sharing system. All strawberries harvested will be served at the employee cafeteria.
The six personnel are engaged in the work of removing unnecessary leaves and cutting flowers that have not been successfully pollinated while receiving technical guidance from the Technology Center. They are cultivating strawberries carefully waiting with eager anticipation for the day when they can provide delicious strawberries to the employees of the complex. Both the tutors from Technology Center and the personnel put their best effort for this project.
The strawberry farm has created convivial society by receiving trainees from neighboring institutions such as special needs schools and offices that support the employment of persons with disabilities.
出光興産, DFF Inc.