Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Balancing Work and Life

Basic Stance

The Group upholds diversity and inclusion in its management vision. We regard work-life balance and training of the next generation as key measures for promoting diversity and inclusion, and take various measures to achieve these goals. By fostering a work culture where employees who balance work and life (including childcare and caregiving) can work freely and feel a sense of purpose, we can help create an environment where all employees realize their full potential. We aim to be a company that can co-create new value with various stakeholders and an employer where a diverse team of employees thrives.
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General Employer Action Plan

Idemitsu has analyzed its issues and considered specific measures to address them. We formulated the following action plan with the aim of supporting employees who strive to balance work and life.

Period of the plan
April 1, 2020–March 31, 2023 (3 years)
Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children
  1. Initiative to help balance work and childcare
    • Encouraging work flows that can respond to life events and childcare plans for male employees
  2. Initiative to revise work styles
    • Telecommuting, flextime, and encouraging employees to take annual paid leave
  3. Initiative to help train the next generation
    • Hosting Take Your Child to Work days and creating internships for university students

For more details of “Children's Visit”, please click here.

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Publishing a guidebook for balancing work, childcare and caregiving

In May 2020, we published a guidebook for internal use to help all employees easily understand its work-life balance support programs and systems. The book details the actions needed to be taken just prior to childbirth, childcare, and caregiving; how superiors should respond; and what your coworkers can help. The book also contains basic knowledge all workers should have and what work styles will be like going forward.

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Opportunities for Executives to Know More about Parent Employees

In June 2019, we held a seminar for 110 managers who have subordinates who had returned to work from childcare leave and who had newborn babies. At the seminar, the participants shared management skills for employees with restricted working hours as well as examples of problem solving at workplace. Going forward, while providing seminars and workshops for child-rearing employees and their superiors, we will continue to work on creating an environment where superiors can understand the relevant employees as well as the employees can balance their work and childcare.

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