Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Balancing Work and Life

Basic Stance

We position work-life balance support and next-generation development as key measures for promoting D&I and are working to upgrade our policies in line with life events for them. Fostering a workplace culture where employees can balance work and life (childcare and care giving), work easily, and feel a sense of accomplishment will help create an environment where all employees can make full use of their abilities.

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General Employer Action Plan Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

We analyzed the Company’s issues, considered specific measures, and formulated an action plan to support the activities of employees who aim to balance work and life. In addition, in 2012 and 2015, we were recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a child-care support company and received the Kurumin certification mark.*

  • * The Kurumin certification mark is awarded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to companies that actively support the development of the next generation. Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the General Employer Action Plan can be formulated and certified if certain standards are met.
Plan Period

April 1, 2020–March 31, 2023 (3 years)

Plan Details
  1. Measure1. Initiatives to support balancing work and childcare
    • Conducting follow-ups in response to life events and encouraging male employees’ participation in childcare
  2. Measure2. Initiatives related to revising workstyles
    • Implementing initiatives aimed at promoting work-from-home and flextime arrangements and the use of annual paid leave
  3. Measure3. Initiatives related to support the development of next generation
    • Holding “Children Office Tour” days for our employees’ children and providing internships to university students
  • * Specific initiatives tied to the action plan are detailed to the right.
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Measures Supporting the Balance of Work and Childcare in Response to Life Events

Overview of Measures
  • Measure A.All employees:
    Provide relevant information on programs and others which are related to life event and career development
  • Measure B.Eligible employees:
    Provide opportunities to build networks with colleagues who have undergone similar life events during the same period and offer corporate information in a timely manner
  • Measure C.Eligible employees:
    Provide a seminar to learn about how to cope with issues or concerns and to be ready for returning to work smoothly (External instructors)
  • Measure D.Eligible employees:
    Encourage to maintain work-life balance through sharing the progress of work after the return, having dialogues among participants or providing relevant information from the company
  • Measure E.Superiors:
    Provide opportunities to learn about how to manage and train employees with diverse workstyles, such an employee who is working while raising a child (External instructors)
  • Measure F.Eligible employees:
    Build networks with colleagues who have similar life events
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Publishing the Guidebook on Supporting a Balance between Work and Caregiving/Childcare Measure1.

In May 2020, we published an in-house guidebook on Idemitsu’s work-life balance support programs and systems to ensure that all employees could easily understand them. It sets out the actions needed to be taken when faced with the prospect of maternity, childcare, and caregiving, how superiors need to respond, and the responses required of colleagues as well as basic knowledge that everyone in the workplace should know regarding workstyles that balance work and life.

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Following Up with Employees on Childcare Leave through the Childcare Leave Online Salon Measure1.

With the aim of supporting a smooth transition back to work by abating worries and concerns during childcare leave and providing corporate information in a timely manner, we held a Childcare Leave Online Salon for male and female employees on childcare leave in July 2020. At the inaugural event, we not only shared corporate information, such as current workstyles during the pandemic and their future direction, we also exchanged information regarding communication with the workplace, childcare, daycare searches, and more. We will regularly hold such events going forward, provide unbiased corporate information to those on childcare leave, and build networks among those on childcare leave with the aim of enhancing engagement with those on leave.

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Response to the COVID-19 pandemic Measure 2.

For employees who needed to use working hours to address family matters, such as for caregiving or coping with school and daycare closings, under the emergency declaration, we exempted the deduction of their wages. In addition, we fostered an environment in which all employees can continue to work, including by flexibly responding to employees who had planned to return to work from childcare leave but instead needed to extend their leave due to the nature of their jobs and requests from their daycares to keep their children home.

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Holding “Children Office Tour” Measure 3.

We held “Children Office Tour” for the children of employees with the aim of creating opportunities for them to better understand their parents’ place in our company and society, as well as to encourage communication between the children and their parents. We began holding these days in 2019 and held the second one in August 2020. We felt that even amid the pandemic it was necessary to continue holding this day and adjusted it for current conditions by holding it online. We connected multiple locations, including the Chiba Complex and Hanoi, Vietnam, with the children interviewing employees and local staff.

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