Human Resource Development

Stance on Human Resource Development and Educational Systems

Basic Stance

Setting human resource development as one of our management objectives, we formulated an education and training system based on our Management Vision and Action Mindset in 2020. To increase the number of personnel who will embody the Action Mindset to a high degree, we set out “Independent & autonomy,” “Innovation,” and “Co-creation,” as the pillars of the Action Mindset that we especially strive to enhance. We meticulously set these pillars and “Growth,” which is the linchpin of the pillars, as “Capabilities to Enhance.” We carefully defined our desired attitude and action level from the perspectives of “Foresight,” “Aspiration,” “Determination,” “Cooperation,” “Accomplishment,” “Improvement,” and “Development.” This made it possible to reflect on one’s own current level and clarify what should be done to achieve growth.

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Overview of Educational and Training Systems

The base of our education and training system is the cultivation of competencies to enhance the aforementioned capabilities. In addition, we strive to support not only occupational growth but also growth as human beings. We have therefore prepared programs to enhance people’s sophistication and to support employees at different life stages. We expect all employees to maintain an awareness that they are the main actors of their lives and can grow to become proactive and contributing members of society.

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Results of Education and Training

In FY2019, we focused on training related to building an organizational foundation in this first year of the integrated management. Specifically, we held mutual understanding seminars, Management Vision workshops, and informational sessions on the new HR system at business bases in Japan and overseas.

Training hours and amount of investment in training in FY2019
Training hours Total hours 117,455
Per person 19.5
Amount of investment in training
(Thousands of yen)
Total hours 352,000
Per person 59
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