Human Resource Development

Developing Competencies


To increase the number of personnel who strongly embody the action guidelines, we added more detailed perspectives in the guidelines about independence, autonomy, transformation, and co-creation as well as growth, which is the nexus of all these facets. The seven perspectives are foresight, aspiration, determination, cooperation, accomplishment, improvement, and development. These perspectives precisely define the attitudes and actions expected for each level. This has enabled people to reflect on their current level and clarify what they need to do in order to grow. We believe this competency development is essential to enhancing the aforementioned abilities.

出光興産, DFF Inc.

Mentor Training

Mentors are senior employees who guide and support the new employees at work and we provided a training to enhance their staff development skills. Started the training in October 2019, we have had 108 participants in total. The survey results, which we conducted to new employees regarding the guidance provided by their mentors, were provided in a form of feedback during the training and this helped greatly to motivate the mentors.

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Inclusion Training (Developing Competencies)

We have been conducting inclusion training since fiscal 2020 with the purpose of developing employees who spur new value creation and learn mindsets and skills to fully draw out their individual latent talents.
In fiscal 2020, we offered training for managers, and 135 people participated. In fiscal 2021, we significantly expanded the scope of the training from upper-level managers to lower-level managers and conducted 10 training sessions (half day × 4 days ∕ time) over seven months.
In this training, we encourage self-awareness of unconscious bias and employees learn skills for communicating, listening, coaching, giving feedback, and facilitating interactions.
We aim to create a culture in which the seeds of transformation continually grow by enabling employees to utilize their skills at the workplace with awareness of their unconscious bias and the value of a diverse mix of opinions.
出光興産, DFF Inc.