Human Resource Development

Developing Competencies


To increase the number of personnel who strongly embody the action guidelines, we added more detailed perspectives in the guidelines about independence, autonomy, transformation, and co-creation as well as growth, which is the nexus of all these facets. The seven perspectives are foresight, aspiration, determination, cooperation, accomplishment, improvement, and development. These perspectives precisely define the attitudes and actions expected for each level. This has enabled people to reflect on their current level and clarify what they need to do in order to grow. We believe this competency development is essential to enhancing the aforementioned abilities.

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Idemitsu Mentor Training Program

Idemitsu Group officially introduced mentor system in 2019 to foster new employees. The term "mentor" refers to senior employee who takes role as instructor for new employees to assist them in performing daily tasks. To improve the mentors’ leadership, mentor training has been conducted six times since October 29, 2018, with 108 mentors participating. New employees were asked to fill in questionnaire in advance about the mentors’ guidance. The results were then returned to their mentors during the training. The joy of excitement and surprise aroused as the training participants read frank impressions written by the new employees to them. After the training, the participants commented that they were glad to learn specific methods in mentoring and received helpful advice from other mentors so they could support each other.

Mentor Training Contents:
  1. Review of current mentoring
  2. Essential knowledge and attitude in mentoring
  3. Mentoring role play
  4. Points to remember during mentoring
Idemitsu Mentor Training Program - Second Season

The second season of Mentor Training Program was held from June 18 and 23, 2020 to deepen competencies required as mentors, and a total of 50 employees participated in the program. Although it was conducted online, all participants proactively exchanged their thoughts which resulted in an effective information sharing. We realized that by holding it online, it is easier for the employees to join the training because they can access it from anywhere, and we will continue to make the best use of digital technology to conduct various trainings.

We surveyed our junior employees beforehand to know what they think about their mentors (seniors) and shared the result to the participants during the training. Most of them expect to have seniors who are close to their age that they can feel free to ask and consult when facing problems.

On the other hand, the participants felt that the training was helpful. “As mentors, we actually have little time to communicate each other. This training is such a good opportunity because we can mutually share mentoring techniques and our own concerns”, they said. Idemitsu will keep improving our mentoring system and training to meet our junior employees’ expectations and create a comfortable work environment for both seniors and juniors.

出光興産, DFF Inc.