Personnel Systems

Exchange of Opinions with Employees on Personnel Policies

Exchange of Opinions with Employees on HR Policies

We strive to comply with all applicable labor laws and regulations at home and abroad and to create workplace environments in which all employees can concentrate on their work with assurance and satisfaction. Based on the Labor Standards Act, an employee representative creates written opinion statements accompanying the formulation of or amendment to labor agreements and/or the rules of employment. Dialogues between employees and the Company and notifications of changes to various HR measures, including the rules of employment, are conducted mainly at the Next Forum and employee briefings. In addition, Idemitsu’s labor union named Forward Together with Our Energy (FTOE) regularly holds labor-management discussions related to the Company’s management situation, vision, policies, workplace environment, and more. Through these efforts, we aim to develop policies that are highly acceptable by employees, including various HR initiatives, salary levels, labor conditions, and welfare benefits.

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