Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Stance and Basic Policy on Workplace Harassment

The Group’s stance is that respect for human rights should be prioritized in all decisions and actions. We strive to achieve harmony with international and local communities, and do not take discriminatory actions toward any stakeholders. In addition, we do not condone words, actions, or violence that damages human rights in a physical or psychological way. With the aim of maintaining healthy work environments free from harassment, we formulated measures to prevent harassment, as well as basic policies on appropriate responses when harassment does occur. We want to create a work environment where all employees can deepen their understanding of human rights, where their rights are respected, and where they can tap their full potential.
The Group upholds diversity and inclusion in its management vision. We regard work-life balance and training of the next generation as key measures for promoting diversity and inclusion, taking various measures to achieve these goals. We foster a work culture where employees who balance work and life (including childcare and caregiving) can work freely and feel a sense of purpose. This helps to create an environment where all employees realize their full potential. We aim to be a company that can co-create new value with various stakeholders and an employer where a diverse team of employees thrives.

Basic Policy on Harassment in the Workplace
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Harassment Prevention Seminars

Since December 2018, we have held harassment prevention seminars for directors and managers with the aim of eradicating any kind of harassment such as sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and pregnancy discrimination. A total of 1,022 directors and managers (as of October 31, 2019) from Head Office, complexes, and branches participated in the seminars. The seminars provided participants with an opportunity to deepen understanding of sexual harassment and abuse of authority in the workplace and to consider the role of managers to prevent such harassment. We will continue these seminars to create harassment-free workplaces.

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Publication of Guides on Preventing Workplace Harassment

To maintain healthy work environments free from harassment and ensure no employees at all engage in, encourage, or overlook harassment, we created specific prevention guides and raised awareness of them among all employees.

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