Harassment Prevention Initiatives

Building Skills for Responding to Consultations about Harassment

From October to November 2020, we provided training aimed at building skills for those responding to requests for consultation about harassment, including the HR managers of company departments and affiliates and officers in charge of responding to consultations. This training taught participants the skills to appropriately respond to consultations from employees about harassment. A total of 98 participants took part, deepening their understanding of the appropriate mindset and key points to keep in mind when fielding consultations as well as the perspectives and feelings of employees making such consultations.
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Anti-Harassment Training

Beginning in December 2018, we have been holding anti-harassment training for management-level employees with the goal of eradicating all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, abuse of authority over, and harassment related to maternity. A total of 1,065 members of management and management-level employees from the Head Office, complexes, and branches have participated in this training (as of September 30, 2020). The training has served as an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of workplace sexual harassment and abuse of authority and reflect on their role as managers in preventing such issues. Going forward, we will continue this training as we strive to ensure harassment-free workplaces.

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Workplace Harassment Prevention Guide

To create and maintain sound, harassment-free workplaces, we have prepared a guide to concrete prevention measures to help raise awareness among all employees, instructing them to not engage in or tolerate harassment.

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