Promotion of Employees’ Health

Health Declaration

Health Declaration

The Group outlines People-Centered Management and positions the development of respected personnel as its ultimate goal. We aim to continue fully leveraging the power of people to contribute to society. To this end, the health of every employee is absolutely essential. We define prioritizing health and safety in all areas as the Group’s Action Mindset and aim to be a company where everyone can thrive at work and be healthy in body and mind. We seek to ensure that employees are aware of their own health and work on it independently, the company actively supports them, and employees and the company work as one to realize a healthy company.

Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. President and Representative Director
Shunichi Kito

出光興産, DFF Inc.

Concept of Employees’ Health Promotion

We have earned two accolades in recognition of our practices and organizational arrangements for promoting employee wellbeing. The first is a listing in the 2022 Health & Productivity Stock Selection, an index provided by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in collaboration with the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The second is a listing (in the large enterprise category) among the top 500 model organizations (the “white 500”) for health and productivity in a program run by METI and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (formally known as the 2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program).

Main Initiatives
Enhancement of Health Literacy and Prevention of Lifestyle-Related Diseases

We have developed Idemitsu Health Action, which comprises habits that help prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and recommend in-house initiatives. In addition, we have established the Health Management Section to handle the results of regular health checkups and focus on preventing the escalation of illnesses among high-risk individuals, by providing such support as thorough health guidance from industrial physicians.

Preventing, Quickly Diagnosing, and Addressing Stress-Related Illnesses, Including Mental Health Problems

Since fiscal 2018, we have comprehensively promoted health from prevention to recovery. We address self-care and line care using e-learning that is adapted to various situations.

Passive Smoking Prevention Measures

We established the 22nd of each month as “Swan Swan Day” (“swan” sounds like the Japanese word suwan which mean “don’t smoke”), prohibiting smoking during work hours on that day. We work with the health insurance union to support employees in quitting smoking, for example, subsidizing the cost of nicotine dependence treatment.

Encouraging Communication

We identify issues based on employee engagement survey, which are conducted for all employees. In fiscal 2020, we singled out the promotion of internal communication as an issue and provided opportunities for communication on various levels, including at the management-employee and superior-subordinate levels.

出光興産, DFF Inc.