Promotion of Employees’ Health

FY2020 Initiatives

FY2020 Initiatives

In fiscal 2020, we will continue rolling out effective measures that prioritize employee health amid the protracted COVID- 19 pandemic.

Example Initiatives
  • Stepped up information dissemination amid the pandemic (on self-care, care overseen by managers, and more)
  • Held web seminars and exercise programs
  • Quickly identified and responded to changes in conditions through pulse surveys
  • Promoted healthy activities aimed at improving the rate of self-care
  • Established the 22nd of each month as “Swan Swan Day” (“swan” sounds like the Japanese word suwan which mean “don’t smoke”), prohibiting smoking during work hours on that day
Swan Swan Day
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Implementation of Specified Health Guidance (Promotion of Collaborative Health)

As a way of promoting physical health, we promoted specified health guidance at the Head Office and each work site in collaboration with the Health Insurance Union. We have continued the measure since fiscal 2021.
  • In fiscal 2020, over 450 employees participated in the program, which was offered to employees (including those at Idemitsu and its subsidiaries and affiliates) who exceeded the standard values for determining pre-metabolic syndrome as set out by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • We conducted a three-month health program that uses a smart phone app to visualize food and exercise habits and maintain health guidance. Over 90% of participants were expected to complete the program.
  • Around 70% of people who completed the program saw a decrease in waist circumference and weight
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Idemitsu Hokkaido Refinery, the First Refinery in Japan Certified as “Sports Yell Company”

On January 29, 2021, Idemitsu Hokkaido Refinery became the first oil refinery in Japan to receive "Sports Yell Company 2021" certification. The "Sports Yell Company" is a system in which the Japan Sports Agency certifies companies that are actively engaged in the implementation of sports to improve their employees’ health. “Stand-up meetings” and “walk home after work” are among the refinery’s efforts to promote health, and these exercise habit stimulating activities were highly evaluated by the experts. Hokkaido Refinery is the second business unit in Idemitsu Group after Idemitsu Unitech to be certified as “Sports Yell Company”.

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