Promotion of Employees’ Health

Promotion of Medium-term Initiatives

Medium-term Initiatives

In fiscal 2020 and beyond, we prioritize health and safety as set forth in the Action Mindset and build workplace environments in which employees are able to concentrate on their work with assurance by putting into practice health-oriented management that leads to proactive health management.

Main Priority Issues
  1. Improvement of health awareness

    We regularly inform employees of our health declaration, policies, and objective performance, thereby creating opportunities to discuss health issues on a daily basis.

  2. Avoiding the need for leave of absence due to diseases or injuries

    To support employees with mental health problems, we will enhance our in-house expert team. We will develop measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and support the individual efforts of our employees to stay healthy.

  3. Reinforcement of promotion system and PDCA

    We will clarify the promotion system, regularly report to the Management Committee, and make effective use of the system to implement the PDCA cycle effectively.

Health indicators (targets and FY2020 results) and specific initiatives
Mental health

We work hard to reduce the number of employees with mental health problems through training on preventive healthcare measures that are overseen by line managers as well as on measures employees can implement on their own in light of the lack of communication due to new workstyles (expanded working from home) and through support from a mental health team.

Percentage of employees who took at least a one-month leave of absence due to mental health problems
Physical health

To prevent serious COVID-19 infections, we strive to raise the percentage of healthy employees mainly by focusing on preventing lifestyle diseases and expanding health guidance and age-based measures for employees currently in poor health or at risk.

Percentage of health management categories for employees in their 40s
Health awareness

We aim to enable employees to manage their own health mainly through training in self-care and healthy living habits in response to the pandemic and new work styles.

Percentage of employees practicing self-care
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