Promotion of Employees’ Health

Promotion of Medium-term Initiatives

Promotion of Medium-term Initiatives

In FY2020 and beyond, we will embody "Give priority to health and safety" as set forth in the Action Guidelines to build workplace environments in which employees are able to concentrate on their work with assurance by putting into practice health-oriented management that leads to autonomous health management.

Main priority Issues and specific measures
  1. Improvement of health awareness

    We regularly inform employees of our health declaration, policies, and quantitative conditions, thereby creating opportunities to discuss health issues on a daily basis.

  2. Prevention of leave of absence due to diseases or injuries

    To support employees with mental health problems, we will enhance our in-house expert team and develop measures against lifestyle-related diseases to promote autonomous prevention.

  3. Reinforcement of promotion system and PDCA

    We will clarify the promotion system, regularly reported to the Management Committee, and make an effective use of the systems so that we will implement the PDCA cycle effectively.

Health indicators (current status and goals)

In the promotion of the above specific measures, we will implement them by setting targets for the following health indicators:

Mental health
Percentage of employees who took a leave of absence of at least one month due to mental health problems
FY2018 results: 1.3% ⇒ FY2022 target: 1.0% or less
Physical health
Percentage of health management categories
  • Unit: %
  FY2018 Results Targets for FY2022
Total Age of 40s Age of 50s Age of 60s Age of 40s
Healthy 49 44 37 36 50 or more
At risk 41 44 51 53 -
Poor 10 12 12 11 Less than 10
  • * The health management category is defined by the company for items related to lifestyle-related diseases among medical examination items in reference to the standards of medical society (in the poor group, BMI is 30 or higher, blood pressure at systolic phase is 160 or higher, HbA1c is 8% or higher, etc.)
  • * Ultimately, we aim for 50% or more of the healthy group and less than 10% of the poor group in each age group. We have set targets of improvement in the age of 40s as an outcome indicator in the medium-term goal because it takes a considerable period of time before taking effects.
Health awareness and lifestyle
Indicators in the results of health checkups
  • Unit: %
  FY2018 Results Targets for FY2022
Percentage of employees who have problems in a medical questionnaire in health checkups (lifestyle) 78 -
Of these, the percentage of insufficient exercise 47 -
Of these, the percentage of insufficient sleep 33 -
Percentage of employees practicing self-care - 50 or more
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