Ensuring Safety

Policy and System for Ensuring Safety

Policy for Ensuring Safety

Idemitsu’s policy for ensuring safety is (1) to ensure the safety of people as our highest priority; and (2) to reduce and eliminate risks through the appropriate allocation of management resources and the maintenance and improvement of facilities, processes and work mechanisms with the aim of eliminating accidents and injuries while also (3) making efforts to cultivate a safety-oriented culture. Ensuring safety based on this policy hinges on management efforts. We also recognize the realization of a zero accident/disaster status as the foremost goal to be accomplished through these endeavors. Based on this recognition, we have established the following specific policies clarifying that ensuring safety is of utmost importance and must be prioritized in the course of our judgements, no matter the type of task or action involved, throughout all aspects of business activities, including production, logistics, sales, and research and development.

  1. Ensure the safety of people
  2. Ensure the safety assurance of facilities and processes
  3. Ensure safety in work mechanisms and procedures
  4. Properly allocate and utilize management resources
  5. Cultivate safety culture and promote safety management
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System for Promoting HSSE Initiatives

We have positioned “Safety, Health and the Environment” as a management foundation and have established the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters to promote initiatives to secure and preserve this foundation. Members of the headquarters consist of the General Manager and co-head of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, general managers of departments in charge of supervising business sites and other managers who are appointed by the General Manager, in addition to the secretariat. The executive in charge of safety and environment (a Director) is appointed by the President and Representative Director to serve as the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, overseeing the headquarters as the individual bearing the highest responsibility regarding safety, health, and the environment. Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance Department serves as the secretariat.
The role of the headquarters is (1) to determine the medium-term management plan, the annual basic policies, and priority issues associated with health, safety and the environment, (2) to assess and evaluate performance through audits, (3) to maintain, review, and improve the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System,* and (4) to instruct all departments and major affiliated companies on how to secure the management resources necessary to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve these Management Systems.
In line with annual basic policies and priority issues determined by the headquarters, each department is autonomouslyengaged in HSSE activities by employing a PDCA cycle.
Each department appoints a manager in charge of safety and the environment to manage and promote the overall HSE activities of the department, including those of the business sites under its management.
In addition, in order to confirm and promote the HSE activities of each department, the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters or other top management representative conducts Safety and Environment related instructions or Safety patrols by visiting business sites. The secretariat of the headquarters also conducts Safety and Environmental audits at business sites. In particular, at ourcompany’s refineries and complexes, the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters conducts Safety and Environment related instruction and Safety patrol once a year, while thesecretariat conducts Safety and Environmental audit on an annual basis.
At business sites other than those named above, Safety and Environmental audits are carried out at a frequency determined in consideration of the site’s safety and environmental risks and the status of its safety and environmental management. Should safety- and/or environment-related issues.
Furthermore, in order to prevent serious accidents at our business sites, we have established the Safety & Security Advisory Committee, whose membership includes external experts, as an advisory body to the Board of Directors or the President and Representative Director, with the aim of establishing more effective safety and safety assurance measures.

  • * To promote safety, health, and environment management activities, policies, objectives and targets are established. To achieve these objectives, a management plan is formulated, implemented, reviewed, and continuously improved.
Results of FY2020 Safety and Environmental Audits
Number of business sites subject to audits 11
Total number of issues commented on via audits 122
  Major nonconformity 0
Minor nonconformity 7
Health and Safety Management System
While leveraging the know-how we have gleaned from our experience to date, we have built and operate a unique management system based on an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 45001) and the certification standards of the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. In addition, we continually improve the system through internal audits and management reviews. Furthermore, regarding ISO 45001, some of our overseas worksites have acquired certification.
Regarding certification under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, all of Idemitsu’s refineries, petrochemical plants, 1. Ensure the safety of people and Group refining companies have acquired certification.
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