Ensuring Safety

Safety and Health Initiatives

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

With an eye to preventing the spread of COVID-19, we contained the degree of worker mobilization by reducing the scale of work carried out and extended the period allowed for shutdown maintenance undertaken at refineries and complexes. Moreover, we placed priority on utilizing workers from local communities to minimize bringing in workers from other areas. We have implemented thoroughgoing health management along with stringent countermeasures aimed at safeguarding the workers from COVID-19 infection during work hours as well as during their commutes.
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Efforts for Zero Accidents

In 2020, we achieved zero serious accidents. Unfortunately, in June 2021, an accident occurred at a Group refinery causing one partner company employee lost his life. Regarding the number of occupational accidents in 2020, it is approximately the same as in 2019.

In FY2021, we will continue the “Challenge of Zero Accident”, establish a culture of adhering to the SOP, comply with the rules to protect lives, identify and respond to hazard sources from the worker's perspective during both regular and irregular operations, and strengthen activities related to safety-consciousness for partner companies.

In addition, as each department and major affiliated companies autonomously promote PDCA, we work to sustainably realize safe and stable operations through comprehensive potential hazard identification including reviewing operational process and maintaining facilities, as well as conducting appropriate risk assessment.

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Safety & Security Advisory Committee

Regarding earthquake countermeasures, such as the reinforcement of facility structures since 2005, in fiscal 2020, under the Earthquake Risk Management Guidelines formulated in fiscal 2019, we promoted studies of specific issues and, based on existing initiatives, we revised the New Earthquake Risk Management Guidelines to reflect new policies.
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National Safety Week Initiatives

Idemitsu takes the following measures for National Safety Week, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association.

  • An email is sent by the Representative Director & President to Group employees in Japan and overseas to reaffirm respect for human life, which is the underlying principle of National Safety Week, and his commitment to achieving zero accident, an effort the Group continuously undertakes.
  • From the Safety & Environment Headquarters to each department, Idemitsu strives to reaffirm and ensure compliance with its rules to protect life.
  • At each department, facility, and affiliate, Idemitsu is implementing safety activities designed for each workplace based on these efforts.
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Reinforcement of Earthquake Resistance of Existing Facilities

Our refineries and complexes have worked to strengthen our measures in preparation for natural disasters. As for earthquakes, we have periodically assessed the earthquake resistance of our facilities based on the standards required by law to secure resilience against the expected earthquake magnitudes, and strengthen them, if necessary. In addition, having learned lessons from the Tokachi-oki Earthquake and other disasters, we have assessed and enhanced the earthquake resistance of our facilities against expected earthquake magnitudes to an extent that exceeds the standards required by law.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, laws concerning high-pressure gas equipment were tightened and the standards of earthquake resistance were reviewed. In response to these changes, we have been systematically reinforcing the spherical tanks and other relevant facilities that store LPG at the Group’s refineries and complexes in order to improve the earthquake resistance of their support structures.

In FY2020, we reinforced our facilities at refineries, complexes and oil depots by employing subsidy programs offered by the government under the banner of building national resilience. Looking ahead, our group will consider the further enhancement of earthquake resistance.

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Safety Activities at Our Refineries and Complexes

At the Group 's refineries and complexes, the Safety & Environmental Protection Section of each site plays a central role in promoting safety assurance of refineries and complexes and environmental conservation. Moreover, in collaboration with business partners of refineries and complexes, we conduct thorough daily safety inspections and take all possible measures to prevent accidents, while forming a self-protection and disaster prevention teams in the event of an accident and carrying out periodic disaster prevention training.

Specifically, in order to promptly implement emergency responses in the event of natural disasters and other disasters as well as disaster prevention activities, we prepare disaster scenarios based on past disasters and carry our periodic disaster prevention training with business partners. We also conduct evacuation drills in consideration of the occurrence of tsunami caused by a large-scale earthquake.


At Idemitsu’s refineries and complexes, to enhance safety assurance based on advanced protection technologies, we are working to utilize advanced technologies, conduct sophisticated risk assessments, and provide sophisticated education and training. As a result, the following refinery and complexes were certified as Super Certified Business Sites that conduct sophisticated safety assurance initiatives in accordance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.

  • Tokuyama Complex (certified September 5, 2019)
  • Chiba Complex (certified March 17, 2020)
  • Hokkaido Refinery (certified June 29, 2021)

As for Group refining companies, Seibu Oil Co., Ltd.’s Yamaguchi Refinery was also certified (June 4, 2021).
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A New Disaster Prevention Vehicle at Tokyo Oil Terminal

In February, 2020, we deployed a new disaster prevention vehicle to improve the disaster prevention capacity of the Tokyo Oil Terminal. Equipped with a "seawater-based fire-fighting irrigation system", to secure the water supply, this vehicle can use seawater to reach 4000ℓ/min (equivalent to conventional fire pumps) when underground water is unable to be used due to disaster such as an earthquake below the city.

We will continue to work to improve disaster prevention capabilities everywhere we operate.

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