Ensuring Safety

Training Organized by the Manufacturing & Technology Department’s Technical Training Center

Production Facility Operator Education

Based on the medium-term education plan, the Technical Training Center is carrying out education aimed at developing all operators as production engineers (PEs). PEs are operating division engineers who have a logical understanding of processes, facilities, and systems and the ways that these are interrelated. They are able to synthesize this knowledge to make comprehensive decisions and carry out optimized and efficient operations of the Group’s refineries and complexes, thus playing an important role in ensuring the safety of such facilities.

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Reinforcing Process Safety Education

The Technical Training Center is working to reinforce process safety education. For example, the center provides training for foremen or their proxies (assistant foremen) with the aim of enhancing their abilities as leaders to make decisions about measures to be taken in emergencies. This training, in which participants form operating teams, utilizes a training plant created by modifying decommissioned desulfurization facilities within the Tokuyama Complex. Developed by Idemitsu, it is the only high-level training of its kind in Japan. The training program is designed to be realistic, thrusting participants into scenarios where irregularities occur at night or on days off, so they must take such steps as reporting and implementing first response, emergency shut-down, and disaster prevention measures as the situation develops.

In addition, we provide safety process management training for newly appointed technical managers at refineries and complexes. This training is conducted in two sessions. First, in the basic training, participants go over the key points of safety process management. Follow-up training then fosters an awareness of the urgency of reinforcing process safety and goes over action plans. In addition, as part of experiential training for local authorities and organizations and human resource development in coordination with local communities, we hold seminars to raise safety awareness using our danger simulation facilities and virtual reality, in cooperation with outside training centers. These activities have been well received by our external partners.

出光興産, DFF Inc.