Ensuring Safety

External Initiatives

Lecture by Mie Plant Manager of Idemitsu Unitech on Health and Safety Activities

At the Fiscal 2019 Tsu/Suzuka/Kameyama District Industrial Health and Safety Meeting held on June 12, 2019, the Idemitsu Unitech’s Mie Plant Manager gave a lecture under the title “Idemitsu Unitech’s Health and Safety Activities.” This lecture was given upon the request from the Labor Standards Inspection Association in Tsu following the winning by the plant of an encouragement award from the Director of the Labor Bureau of the Mie Prefectural Government in 2018. The plant manager explained about Idemitsu Unitech’s policy on health and safety by introducing the plant’s past activities as concrete examples so that participants could understand them easily.

出光興産, DFF Inc.

Training for Top Management

In order to prevent serious accidents and disasters, it is extremely important that the top management, i.e. general managers of refineries and complexes have a strong awareness of safety, and exercise strong leadership to promote accident prevention measures. In this regard, associations in the oil and chemical industries and related companies including the Company emphasized to an external training center the importance of developing safety awareness among top management. As a result, the center has regularly held the special lecture entitled "Safety from now on and the role of top management" since March 2016. Every year, general managers of refineries and complexes and top management of the Manufacturing & Technology Department in the Head Office take part in the lecture to strengthen leadership for safety in industry, together with general managers of refineries and plants of other companies in the vicinity of the Center.
出光興産, DFF Inc.