Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Commitment to Quality Management and Quality Assurance Initiatives

Initiatives to Ensure Product Safety

We conduct checks of product safety at each product stage, from research and development through sales based on "Product Safety Regulations." Regulations of various countries concerning chemical substances have been frequently changing, and it is essential to respond swiftly and decisively to these changes. In FY2017, the Idemitsu Group introduced a new tool aimed at better managing information on hazardous properties of chemical substances used in our products. Having expanded the scope of departments subject to chemical information management, we have successfully
responded to domestic and overseas regulations, which are evolving frequently.
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Response to Complaints on Quality

In the unlikely event of serious product safety or quality issues, we follow the "Crisis Response Rules" to minimize damage and any impact on society at large. The Customer Relations Center receives quality-related complaints and inquiries, and depending on the content, works with relevant departments to provide a swift response. We had no serious quality incidents requiring company-wide response during FY2018.
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Providing Appropriate Product Safety Disclosure and Labeling

Idemitsu Group issues safety data sheets (SDS) for the products it manufactured as stipulated under the relevant laws. Each product indicates the hazardous properties and safety-related details of products according to chemical classification that complies with GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals). Idemitsu’s website also provides a system for searching for products by name or usage and to view product safety information.
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Employee Education and Awareness of Quality

Idemitsu Group conducts education and awareness-raising activities for the purpose of raising the quality awareness of its employees. In order to promote quality assurance activities in each business division and affiliated company, we hold training sessions for managers in charge of quality and highly specialized in-house seminars on responding to laws and regulations concerning chemical substance management, which help promote quality assurance activities for the entire group. In addition, every November, as part of the "Quality Month Activities," we provide lectures on quality, solicit campaign slogans on quality, and display posters on quality, all of which provide an opportunity for each employee to think about quality.

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