Collaboration with Partners

Collaboration with Dealers and Distributors

Collaboration with Dealers and Distributors

Idemitsu operates its businesses through a powerful network of 1,217 dealers and distributors and 6,395 SS (service stations) nationwide. Branches serve as contact points to provide fine-tuned support for the business management and SS management of dealers and distributors. In May and June 2019, Owners' Meetings were held at 10 locations across the country for the first time, bringing together dealers and distributors to interact to promote and practice their sales strategies with customers as our top priority.
In cooperation with "Idemitsu Association" an organization of dealers, and "National Showa Shell Association" an organization of distributors, we are also working together in the field of social contribution by contributing to the community and revitalizing the community. We have also established our own certification and training systems to enhance the knowledge and skills of its staff in order to increase customer trust in its technologies and services, as well as to continue generating new added value by sensitively identifying customer needs.
In order to provide a stable supply of energy, service stations, which are strong in times of disaster, are expected to play a role as disaster prevention centers. We are demonstrating a system that combines solar panels and power storage functions at four service stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
In addition to providing a constant refueling function in the event of a power failure, it can also be used as a power supply point for charging mobile phones and smartphones and for Wi-Fi connections, enhancing the durability and versatility of an emergency power supply.

  • * The figures in this section refer to the number of dealers and distributors as of the end of June 2019 and the number of service stations as of the end of September 2019.
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Major Independent Certification Programs

Idemitsu Technical Master Program
A qualification program for the purpose of developing human resources who can make comprehensive energy proposals that meet customer needs in the field of industrial petroleum and lubricants sales. 
    (Number of certified persons in the petroleum division Grade1: 21, Grade2: 76, Grade3: 224 *Number of certified persons in FY2018) 
    (Number of certified persons in the lubricants division Grade1: 48, Grade2: 155, Grade3: 240 *Number of certified persons in FY2018)
Zepromeister Program
A certification program to train service station oil leaders through acquisition of basic knowledge and product knowledge of oil, as well as exchange techniques that will become increasingly complex in the future. 
    (Number of certified person Grade1: 411, Grade2: 2,357, and Grade3: 3,923 *The number of incumbents as of the end of March 2019)
Showa Shell Royal Manager (SRM) Program
A qualification program launched in 1979 to further develop the human resources of active store managers, with the aim of improving service station management capabilities that match the times and management capabilities that overcome changes.
    (Number of certified persons Grade1: 276, Grade2: 2,014, and Grade3: 7,280 *The number of incumbents as of April 2019)
Showa Shell Oil Meister Program
A qualification program for training service station lubricants sales leaders who have a high level of both technique and sales.
    (Number of certified person 1,342 *The number of incumbents as of April 2019)
Showa Shell Car Life Advisor Program
A qualification program to train service station personnel who have advanced knowledge of vehicles in general and who are capable of giving appropriate advice to customers.
    (Number of certified persons 442 *The number of incumbents as of April 2019)
Shell Lubricants Japan Lubricants Expert Program
A qualification program started in 1970 to develop human resources capable of responding to the diverse needs of customers concerning lubricants and grease.
    (Number of certified persons Grade1: 335, Grade2: 1,761 *Cumulative number of person since 1970 as of April 2019, excluding those who passed in 2019)
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Magazine for Service Station (SS) Staff Members

On October 18, 2019, Idemitsu launched a magazine for SS staff members. The magazine was issued to build a bridge among the staff members who work at the both Showa Shell and Idemitsu service stations and provide opportunities to learn about each other’s SS. It carries useful information for daily operations and hints for store development. The magazine copies are scheduled to be distributed to our distributors’ offices and their SS once every two months.

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