Corporate Citizenship Activities

Concept of Social Contribution Activities / Expenses

Approach to Social Contribution and Corporate Citizenship Activities

In addition to contributing to society through its business, the Idemitsu Group will engage in corporate citizenship activities to promote the public good in areas transcending the scope of its business operations. In this way, we will develop human resources and achieve our vision.

The Group will also implement its corporate citizenship activities in a way that develops collaborative relationships with regional communities in accordance with the Corporate Citizenship Activities Promotion Guidelines described below.

Corporate Citizenship Activities Promotion Guidelines

Based on our Management philosophy, "Truly inspired," Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. engages in corporate citizenship activities with a focus on "Environment" and "Culture" for the purpose of enriching and bringing peace to the daily lives of the residents in the countries and communities where we conduct business activities.

  1. Focus Areas
    "Environment" Protect the global environment now and in the future
    "Culture" Foster an enriched mind
  2. Key Activities
    Activities to conserve and regenerate the regional natural environment Activities to connect people, communities, and the next generation through arts
  3. Our values in action
    1. (1) Employee participation
      To support the voluntary participation of employees and bring the boundless potential of the human beings for the benefit of the society
    2. (2) Connection with the local communities
      To respect the environment and culture of each region, and conduct activities with the people living in the region in mind
    3. (3) Leveraging the Group's Strengths
      To utilize the Group's strengths, such as assets and know-how
    4. (4) Co-creation with the stakeholders
      To work in tandem with diverse stakeholders to co-create values
出光興産, DFF Inc.

Social Contribution Expenses


Expenses (Unit: Millions of yen)

2019 386
2020 374
2021 491
  • * In FY2021, the following activities are included in our calculations:
    Idemitsu Music Award, Shell Art Award (currently Idemitsu Art Award), Environmental Photo Contest “Watashi no Machi no 〇 to × ” (Things to Preserve and Correct around Our Town), Idemitsu Music Events “Performing the future,” FURUSATO PROJECT, the Hokkaido Children’s Drawing Contest, Idemitsu Flower Fair, Children’s Dial 110 (Kodomo 110-ban) program, College SDGs ACTION! AWARDS (co-sponsoring), and donations (to Japanese Red Cross Society, Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Munch Museum in Norway, construction of the Boggabri Community Childcare Center in NSW, Australia, and other charitable organizations)
出光興産, DFF Inc.