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Latest Topics

Summer Evening Festival by the Three Plants of Idemitsu Unitech

The three plants of Idemitsu Unitech in Chiba, Mie, and Hyogo Prefectures respectively hosted summer evening festival on August 7 to 9, 2019 to deepen relationship with the residents in the neighborhood and the employees’ families as a form of appreciation to all employees and staff from partner companies for their services. The main event at the three sites was barbecue, and in addition, each plant had its own planned attractions so that all participants could enjoy the festival. Chiba Plant organized Super Ball Fishing and Bingo near Kujukuri Beach, and all participants from children to adults had fun amidst the cool breeze coming from the sea. Mie Plant organized an arm-wrestling competition. Families and coworkers gave enthusiastic encouragement as the games grew more and more exciting, and the result, our newbies came up as winners for both men and women category. At Hyogo Plant, executives and leaders wearing unique T-shirt they made themselves; “Barbecutive” written on it. They were in charge in grilling the meat and vegetables, and served them to the participants.

The 16th Tomakomai - Idemitsu Petroleum Forum

On May 27, 2019, Hokkaido Refinery invited 17 representatives from Tomakomai town council, fishermen’s cooperatives, and administrative agencies to Tomakomai - Idemitsu Petroleum Forum. This forum was launched in 2004, and this year’s forum is the 16th. In this forum, Idemitsu provides information to the locals regarding petroleum market, the role of the Hokkaido Refinery as the only refinery in Hokkaido (northern Japan), and many other topics. It is a valuable opportunity for the locals to directly deliver their opinions and suggestions to the refinery. On the forum day, Hokkaido Refinery reported its support for energy supply post-earthquake in Iburi Tobu area (southern Hokkaido) in September 2018, and Mirai wo Kanaderu Ongakukai (music concert), one of Idemitsu’s socio-cultural CSR.

Hokkaido Refinery Opened Cherry-Tree-Lined-Path to the Public
On May 27-31, 2019, Hokkaido Refinery opened its cherry tree lines (sakura) along the south road in its premises for the 11th time since 2009. Since warmer days than usual continued, double-flowered cherry trees started to bloom in mid-May and went fully bloom when the event was held. A total of 109 Tomakomai citizens who get excited to see cherry blossom every year, and those who applied for the first time after seeing this event on the website and newspaper, came to enjoy the cherry blossom. Not only the cherry, Tomakomai citizens’ happiness blossomed on those days.
Introduction of Photovoltaic Power Generation and Storage System to Local Communities

In collaboration with Kunitomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, where its manufacturing plant is located, Solar Frontier Co., Ltd. of the Idemitsu Group launched a project to introduce a photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system, which is useful for securing power supply in the event of an emergency such as a typhoon or earthquake, into a total of four elementary and junior high schools that are major evacuation centers in the town, and conducted a crowdfunding campaign for the project. The system manufactured by the company combines a foldable CIS solar battery that is easy to store and carry and a storage battery. The systems were used to support areas affected by the typhoon in September 2019.

Patrol Running to Protect the Safety of the Local Community

As a part of their volunteer activities, four employees of Idemitsu Plantech Aichi are conducted patrol running in the area around stations in Chita and Tokoname City. Patrol running is meant to not only bring the sense of security to the local community, but also to build deeper relationship with them. Our patrollers did the patrol while jogging; which is also to promote health, and greeted the locals. They provided information to the locals regarding suspicious person, and checked the condition of public facilities; for example road defects.

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