Concept of to Compliance

Basic Concept

The Idemitsu Group defines compliance as adhering with laws, regulations, internal rules and business contracts, in addition to refraining from the violation of ethical and social norms, regardless of the possibility of an actual legal offense occurring.
Based on this definition, every Group employee is expected to live up to high ethical standards and act appropriately and sincerely while maintaining self-discipline.
To this end, in 2019 the “Compliance Code of Conduct” was established for all employees working around the world, both overseas and in Japan, to disseminate the compliance mindset that each employee should have and act in accordance with. The code is designed to provide explicit, simple and easy-to-understand guidance that exemplifies desirable employee behavior in terms of maintaining compliance. The “Compliance Code of Conduct” supports “Integrity,” as set forth in the Action Mindset, and constitutes common compliance concepts for all to follow. In line with this, we will act with a compliance-first attitude.

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Compliance Promotion Structure

The Risk Management and Compliance Committee is tasked with providing support and guidance for compliance activities. Moreover, managers and employees in charge of compliance promotion are appointed at each department, subsidiary, and affiliate.

Compliance Promotion Structure
Risk Management and Compliance Committee

Our group has established the “Risk Management and Compliance Committee” under the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, and is working to ensure thorough compliance by responding to cases of compliance concern, implementing compliance promotion activity plans, and monitoring the status of compliance activities. The committee’s chairman is appointed by the President based on discussion at the Management Committee.
Committee members consist of an Executive Officer in charge of general affairs and heads of the General Affairs, Legal, Human Resources, Internal Audit, and Corporate Planning departments as well as those appointed by the committee chairman. The committee holds periodic meetings on a quarterly basis.

Assignment of Compliance Promotion Officers in Departments and Subsidiaries

The heads of our group’s divisions and the presidents of its subsidiaries appoint officers in charge of compliance promotion and are responsible for promoting compliance at each division and subsidiary.

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