Establishment of Consultation Center

Domestic Consultation Center

We have established the "Compliance Consultation Center (cp-sodan)" (Reception of Internal Control Promotion Department) to receive compliance-related consultations and internal reports. We have also established "Harassment Consultation Center" (Reception of Human Resources Department) as contact points for all forms of harassment, including sexual and power harassment. The consultation center have been set up on the company-wide internal information portal and are also displayed on posters so that anyone can recognize its existence.。

  • The counters are for employees (including part-time employees, temporary employees, employees on loan, and contract employees) of our company, our company subsidiaries and others.
  • Each of these consultation center has an "External third party contact" (reception of a lawyer's office). In order to ensure anonymity, a lawyer in charge acts as a liaison with the in-house consultant staff. In addition to ensuring the confidentiality of the content of consultations, we have also established a ban on disadvantageous treatment of those who report or consult with us.
Poster of consultation center
Consultation center for cases of compliance and harassment concerns
Internal Contacts(real name consultation in principle) Compliance Contacts (fraud, misconduct, and other compliance issues)
Harassment Contacts(sexual harassment, power harassment, and other forms of harassment)
External Contacts(anonymous consultation available) Common External Contact for Compliance and Harassment Consultation
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Overseas Consultation Hotline

In order to respond to reports from overseas offices, we established the "Idemitsu Global Hotline (IGHL)" in FY2018 and
operating. (Applicable to all languages of local subsidiaries)

Number of consultations received in FY2018 *1
  • (Unit: cases)
Idemitsu Group Number of Compliance Consultation received 1
Number of Harassment Consultation received 5
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. Number of VOP *2 received 22
Number of Harassment Consultation received 1
  • *1 Both companies disclose their results in accordance with their respective regulations.
  • *2 VOP (Voice of People): Showa Shell Sekiyu Group’s employee consultation center
出光興産, DFF Inc.