Establishment of Consultation Center


All the compliance-related reports received by the Compliance Consultation Center from employees in Japan and abroad are relayed to the Risk Management and Compliance Committee.
The Risk Management and Compliance Committee, in turn, appoints individuals to investigations as necessary and thereby determines facts pertaining to the reported incidents while ensuring that the identity of anyone who consults with the center is kept secret and that said individuals are not subjected to disadvantageous treatment. In this way, the committee formulates countermeasures, including reprimands of employees responsible for compliance violation. The committee also provides those who file reports with feedback about measures executed in response while striving in line with the Company’s compliance promotion structure to prevent recurrences.

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Domestic Consultation Center

To provide employees with robust access to in-house helplines, the Compliance Consultation Center, established at the General Affairs Department, accepts consultation and whistle-blowing related to compliance, while the Harassment Consultation Center, which operates under the Human Resources Department, accommodates overall consultation regarding harassment.
Furthermore, the Workplace Helpline provides an external contact run by a third party (certified industrial counselors). In an effort to accommodate employee consultation on a broad range of topics, this helpline provides employees with opportunities to receive professional advice. These consultation desks have been set up on the internal information portal site’s Company-wide bulletin board, with their contacts also featured on posters displayed at each workplace, so everyone will be aware of their existence. In addition to ensuring the confidentiality of the content of consultations, we have also established a ban on disadvantageous treatment of those who report or consult with us.

Number of consultations received in FY2020
 / External
Name of contact Eligible individuals Scope of consultation Consultation method Number of
received in
In-house Compliance
Consultation Center
Employees (includes parttime, contract, seconded, and temporary employees) of the Company, subsidiaries, and affiliates Fraud, Misconduct, and Other compliance issues Real name consultation in principle
E-mail, Letter
21Number of cases
Harassment Consultation Center Sexual harassment, Power harassment, and Other forms of harassment Real name consultation in principle E-mail, Telephone, Letter 9Number of cases
External Workplace Helpline Eligible individuals Compliance issues, and Harassment Anonymous consultation available E-mail, Telephone 10Number of cases
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Overseas Consultation Hotline

In order to respond to reports from overseas offices, we established the “Idemitsu Global Hotline (IGHL)” in FY2018 and are operating this hotline for employees at approximately 40 bases located in China, Asia, and Oceania as well as the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and both North and South America in a way that encompasses most of the Group’s overseas business sites. The IGHL accommodates consultation in all languages spoken in countries where Idemitsu maintains local subsidiaries.

Number of consultations received in FY2020
Name of contact Eligible individuals Scope of consultation Consultation
Number of
received in FY2020
Global Hotline
Employees (including national staff and employees seconded from the Company) of the Group’s overseas business sites Compliance issues,Harassment, Occupational safety,Safety & Environmenta, Quality Assurance E-mail 4Number of cases
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