Risk Management

Policy of Risk Management

Basic Policy

Our group strives to stabilize its management by proactively recognizing and evaluating various risks associated with its business activities and taking appropriate measures in accordance with those risks.
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Risk Management Promotion Structure

At our group, we classify risks associated with our business activities into two categories: "Operational Risk" and "Business Strategy Risk" and promote countermeasures against them. "Operational Risk" is a risk of impeding business execution and causing only losses, as typified by accidents, disasters, non-compliance, business errors, product defects, claims, environmental pollution, system failures, terrorism, and labor problems. The term "Business Strategy Risk" refers to risks associated with business activities that exclude business risk and cause profit or loss. In addition to risks associated with current business strategies such as investments and finance, this category includes risks associated with the future business environment. The Risk Management Committee is responsible for responding to "Operational Risk." The Enterprise Risk Management Committee is responsible not only for "Operational Risk" but for “Business Strategy Risk."

Managing Operational Risk

Our group has established the "Risk Management Committee" and is promoting company-wide risk management related to operational risks by taking necessary measures in a timely and prompt manner. Chaired by a Director or Executive Officer appointed by the Management Committee, the committee selects major risks common to the Group, discusses countermeasures, and manages the progress of these risks at quarterly meetings.

Group’s Risk Management

The "Enterprise Risk Management Committee" supervised by the Board of Directors determines risk management policies related to Group management and monitors the status of management. Please refer to page 52 for details on the Enterprise Risk Management Committee.


For more details of Risk Management Committee and Enterprise Risk Management Committee, please click here.

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