Intellectual Property

Utilization of Intellectual Property / Promotion of Activity Plans

Utilization of intellectual property

Our group has established the Intellectual Property Department to supervise intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Department supports our group's business development and activities to increase the brand value of its products by collaborating with its business divisions and R&D divisions to apply for, secure, maintain and utilize intellectual property rights, such as patents and trademarks.
出光興産, DFF Inc.

Promotion of intellectual property activity plans

Our company uses the PDCA cycle to formulate IP Activity Plans based on the "Intellectual Property Strategy Council" headed by the general managers of each division. The divisions, research laboratories, and the Intellectual Property Department work together to promote to solve priority issues. We have also introduced the "Unit Structure" which efficiently solves problems in a wide range of business fields, from fuel oil to high-functionality materials, in accordance with the characteristics and strategies of each business. By doing so, each unit can smoothly carry out intellectual property activities such as research and analysis of patent information, patent application entitlements, public relations, planning, and management.
In the fuel oil field, we have entered into a cross-licensing agreement and are working to strengthen our competitiveness by reducing costs by making available patents from both parties. In the lubricating oil field, we have a large share of the global market for refrigerating machine oil, which is one of our strengths, and we have established a global patent network.
Because market growth is expected in the organic EL business, the core field of the electronic materials business, we have entered into alliance agreements with companies in Japan and overseas that hold useful patents related to organic EL materials, enabling the mutual use of patents in specific fields. Through these and other measures, we are working to create and expand businesses while expanding the areas in which development is possible.
出光興産, DFF Inc.