Intellectual Property

Research & Development (R&D)

Initiatives for Material Issues

Idemitsu has outlined the expansion of growth businesses, creation of next-generation businesses, and harmony with the global environment and society as priority topics. To promote the creation of new business in particular, we established the Next Generation Business Department, which promotes business development that addresses social issues and meets customer needs, in November 2019; the Digital Transformation Department (currently the Digital & BPR Department), which promotes the use of digital technologies, in January 2020; and the Innovation Strategy Planning Department (currently the Innovation Strategy & Carbon Neutral Transformation Department), which promotes technology-driven business development, in April 2020. We have crafted strategies that consolidate company- wide technologies and actively draw on external technologies with the aim of quickly achieving the creation of new businesses with an eye toward changes in society, diversifying customer needs, and decreasing environmental burden.

Technological innovation is indispensable to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, which is an international framework related to climate change. The Idemitsu Group is using the technological development capabilities it has developed over many years of operations to continue generating innovation that will help solve various social issues, including climate change.

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R&D Structure

Our R&D system is composed of Advanced Technology Research Laboratories, which are responsible for corporate R&D, and research laboratories in each department. Each of them carries out specialized development. In addition, we established the Research & Development Committee as a company-wide organization to not only examine the direction of research and development, strategies, and issues throughout the organization, but also to deepen cooperation among laboratories and to strengthen technological capabilities.

Research field Name of laboratory Japan Over
Outline of Initiatives
Corporate R&D Advanced
Environment & Energy Research Laboratory   Development of technologies to reduce GHGs and recycle resources (biofuels, bio-chemicals, and CO2 recycling) and bio-materials
Advanced Organic Materials Research Laboratory   Development of advanced functional materials (organic macromolecule materials)
Advanced Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory   Development of advanced functional materials (inorganic materials)
Analytical Technology Center   Providing advanced analysis and solutions to a wide range of fields throughout the Group (including computational science)
Idemitsu Kosan Collaborative Research Cluster
for Advanced Materials
  Creating next-generation materials, enhancement and expansion of technologies
Technology & Engineering Center    Technology development in the area of engineering design, construction, operation, quality control & assurance, and asset integrity & reliability
 Technology-driven contribution to existing and new businesses
Lubricants Lubricants Research Laboratory   Research and development of lubricants and tribology (lubrication technology)
Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation R&D Center    Locally based research and development of lubricants
 Global development of lubricants products and technologies with the Lubricants
Research Laboratory (Japan) as the mother research center
 Rapid product development and provision of technical services to meet local needs overseas
Idemitsu Lube (China) Co., Ltd. Research & Development Center  
Idemitsu Lube Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. R&D Center  
NIPPON GREASE Co., Ltd. Technical Research Laboratory   Research and development of grease, heat treatment oil, metalworking oil, etc.
materials &
Performance Materials Laboratories    Development of advanced materials through high-value-added petrochemical raw materials
 Research and development of special polycarbonate resins and functional coatings
Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd. R&D Center for Plastic Products   Research and development of molded plastic products
Composite Materials Research Laboratory
  Design, development, and analysis of customer grades of composite materials that meet customer needs
Electronic Materials Development Center   Research and development of OLED materials
Idemitsu OLED Materials Europe AG  
Bitumen Technology Section    Basic and applied research on asphalt and its applications
 Development of high-performance asphalt
Agri-bio Agri-Bio Technology Section   Development of active ingredients for pesticides and feed additives derived from microorganisms and natural products
SDS Biotech K.K. Tsukuba Research & Technology Center   Development of safe and useful products for the protection of livestock and plants and prevention of diseases
battery materials
Battery Material Development Center    Development of sulfide-based solid electrolyte materials, which are key materials for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries, and development of manufacturing processes
 Development of next-generation battery materials
Technology & Engineering Development Center   Aiming to commercialize the aforementioned solid-state electrolyte materials, development
of large-scale commercialization processes as well as design and construction of equipment
power generation
Advanced Product Development Section    R&D to develop next-generation products
 R&D to commercialize recycling solar panels, including crystal silicon panels
Solar Frontier K.K. Kunitomi Plant  
Coal and the
Coal & Environment Research Laboratory    The only private research institute specializing in coal
 Provision of technical services and development of clean coal technologies for a low-carbon society, such as biomass fuels to help reduce GHGs, carbon recycling, and high-efficiency combustion technologies
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R&D Investment Record

We conduct R&D related to petroleum, functional materials, and resources as well as new business creation. Under our R&D system, our departments pursue R&D activities in close mutual cooperation.

FY2020 R&D Investment Record
  • (Millions of yen)
R&D expenses 20,468
R&D expenses by
Business Segment
Petroleum 1,947
Basic Chemicals 0
Functional Materials 12,357
Power and Renewable Energy 996
Resources 187
Others 4,979
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External Evaluation of Our Group's Technologies

Our technologies are highly appreciated by the international community. As an example, for four consecutive years since 2017 Idemitsu and Showa Shell have been ranked 1st in the world in their industry subgroup* for “Opportunities in Clean Tech,” which is one of the items evaluated by MSCI, an ESG evaluation organization. (Table below)

We will continue to make the most of our advanced R&D capabilities to contribute to the solution of global issues through collaboration with others.

  • * Within GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard), Idemitsu Group belongs to the Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing industry subgroup.
Ranking of companies in the sector of MSCI’s "Opportunities in Clean Tech"
Ranking 2020 2019 2018 2017
1 Idemitsu Idemitsu Idemitsu Idemitsu
2 Company A Company A Company A Company A
3 Company B Company D Showa Shell Showa Shell
4 Company C Company B Company D Company C
5 Company D Company E Company B Company D
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