Environmental Management

Basic Recognition of Environmental Protections

The Idemitsu Group works to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities through more efficient energy use and other measures in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with harmonious coexistence between the economy and environment.

We aim to protect the global environment by conducting appropriate education and awareness raising activities for all employees to enhance their eco-consciousness and actively promoting advanced initiatives to solve such environmental problems as global warming.

To achieve this aim, we have established a policy regarding environmental conservation, both global and regional, as an important value to be prioritized in all our business activities.

Environmental Protection Policy
  1. Make all-out efforts to prevent leaks or contamination, and contribute to environmental protection.
  2. Actively contribute to the prevention of global warming and work to reduce greenhouse gases emitted through our business activities.
  3. Effectively use resources in all our business activities.
  4. Promote green procurement when purchasing material, construction work, services, etc.
  5. Be aware of the importance of biodiversity and actively contribute to its maintenance.
  6. Work to develop and popularize technologies and products that create a better environment.
  7. Set environmental objectives based on the annual basic policies, and facilitate concerted efforts to achieve those objectives via internal and external collaboration.
  8. Continually improve the Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance.
  9. Actively disclose environmental information and promote communication with parties outside the Company to ensure reliability and improve our corporate value.
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Environmental Management System (Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters)

We have positioned “Safety, Health and the Environment” as the foundation of management and have established the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters to promote initiatives to secure and preserve this foundation. Members of the headquarters consist of the General Manager and co-head of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, general managers related HSE, the presidents of major affiliated companies and other managers who are appointed by the General Manager, in addition to the secretariat. The executive in charge of safety and environment (a director) is appointed by the President and Representative Director to serve as the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, overseeing the headquarters as the individual bearing the highest responsibility for safety, health, and the environment. The Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance Department serves as the secretariat.

The role of the headquarters is (1) to determine the medium-term management plan, the annual basic policies, and priority issues associated with health, safety and the environment, (2) to assess and evaluate performance through audits, (3) to maintain, review, and improve the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System*, and (4) to instruct all departments and major affiliated companies on how to secure the management resources necessary to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve these Management Systems. Progress is checked and the basic policies for the Idemitsu Group for the next fiscal year are determined in the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters meeting, once a year in December, in principle.

When establishing and reviewing the Medium-term Management Plan, the annual basic policies, and priority issues regarding the Health and Safety Environment (HSE), the secretariat of the headquarters creates a draft proposal in a way that reflects on outcomes of HSE activities undertaken in the preceding fiscal year and takes into consideration the social conditions surrounding HSE issues. The draft is examined at the Safety and Environmental Managers Meeting attended by managers in charge of safety and the environment from each department and then approved at the Headquarters Meeting. After the draft is ruled on by the General Manager of the headquarters, it is finally reported on to the Management Committee. If the Management Committee has instructions or opinions that should be reflected in the draft, the General Manager of the headquarters once again reviews and approves the final version.

The Board of Directors receives reports from the business executives and provides oversight on environmental issues, including climate change.

Positioning of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters in the Corporate Governance System and an outline of the Safety and Environmental Management System
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Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System is presented in the diagram below. It is based on a combination of the groupwide PDCA cycle, utilized by the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters, and the individual PDCA cycles utilized by each business department.

The Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters formulates a medium-term management plan for the entire Company and identifies annual basic policies and priority issues based on that plan.

In line with these annual basic policies, each business department develops its own action plan. Each business department operates a PDCA cycle in which it executes business activities based on its action plan, periodically evaluates and reviews these activities, and identifies matters that must be improved and reflected in the action plan for the next fiscal year. Meanwhile, the secretariat for the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters carries out an annual evaluation and review of group-wide operations of the Environmental Management System. Matters requiring improvement are discussed at Headquarters Meetings in conjunction with reviews carried out by each business department to ensure continuous improvement. Furthermore, a total of 32 business departments and affiliated companies within the Group (19 in Japan, 13 overseas) acquired ISO 14001 certification as of June 30, 2022.

Environmental management PDCA cycle
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Safety and Environmental Audits

In order to confirm and promote the HSE activities of each business department and affiliated company, the secretariat of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters conducts Safety and Environmental audits at our refineries and complexes on an annual basis. At business sites other than those named above, Safety and Environmental audits are carried out at a frequency decided in consideration of the worksite’s safety and environmental risks and safety and environmental management status. Should Safety and Environment related issues requiring improvement be discovered by audits, the secretariat will conduct follow-up monitoring on each case and oversee the entire process from the planning of countermeasures to the completion of their implementation. Furthermore, the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters conducts Safety and Environment related instructions or safety patrols by visiting business sites. In particular, we have made it a rule for the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters to visit our refineries and complexes once a year to undertake these activities.

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Environmental Compliance (Number of Environmental Abnormalities)

In 2022, Group complexes recorded 2 serious compliance violations as listed below. We will identify minor compliance violations that are not classified as serious compliance violations and investigate their causes to prevent recurrence in an effort to step up our environmental protection initiatives.

  • Fluorocarbons leakage: Disposal of fluorocarbons-using equipment without recovery of fluorocarbons
  • Oil-containing wastewater discharged to the sea: Oil-containing wastewater overflowed from a manhole due to heavy rain, mixed into the rainwater drainage line, and discharged to the sea
  • * Environmental abnormalities : Compliance violation refers to one or more of the following cases that exceeded the regulatory standards that are stipulated in environmental laws and regulations (including local regulations and agreements)
    1. A. Events that were determined to require “countermeasures in the accident” based on environment-related laws and regulations
    2. B. Cases in which reports were submitted to government bodies regarding corrections taken after receiving administrative punishment, instruction, or guidance from said bodies
    3. C. Cases resulting in damage to the bodies, lives, property, etc., of neighboring residents, etc., and compensation paid to them.
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Environmental Education & Awareness-Raising Activities

We provide environmental education for the entire Group under the leadership of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters. We are also engaged in activities to raise awareness of environmental protection in line with the Environment Month promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and have established our own “Environment Month” corresponding to this period.

Summary of activities
FY 2023  *As of November 2023 2022 2021 2020
Education Let’s Find Out About Circular Economy Let’s Find Out About Biodiversity Let’s Find Out About Carbon Neutrality Let’s Find Out About Climate Change
  • Distributed environmental educational materials
  • Published an interview with the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Headquarters in the Group’s newsletter
  • Distributed environmental educational materials
  • Conducted environmental quizzes
  • Distributed educational materials
  • Conducted environmental quizzes
  • Included an interview with the General Manager of the Safety & Environmental Protection Department in the Group Newsletter
  • Distributed educational materials
  • Conducted environmental quizzes
  • Environmental lectures (The Future of Circular Economy)
  • Environmental lectures (Biodiversity - From global trends to life & work -)
  • Environmentally friendly vegetables (Cool veg) offered at the Head Office cafeteria (Cool veg week)
    * Cool veg: Short for “cool vegetables,” crops grown on farmland using biochar that contribute to CO2 emissions reduction
Environmental lecture (carbon neutrality) Tokyo Bay environmental survey
- -
Training Environmental management capability enhancement training (Conducted in July 2023 : 102 people, Conducted in November 2023 : 65 people) Environmental management capability enhancement training (283 people) Environmental management capability enhancement training (265 people) Environmental management capability enhancement training (54 people)
Past initiatives (cleanup activities)
Dates Implementing organization Place Participant Notes
December 2020 Idemitsu Plantech Aichi Shin-Maiko coast (Aichi Prefecture) approx.100 people (including Aichi Complex,Idemitsu Retail Marketing, and associated companies) Implemented since 2010
December 2019 Tokuyama Complex Shunan City (Yamaguchi Prefecture) 64 people Participation in Shunan City's community cleanup
August 2019 Idemitsu Lube Vietnam (ILV) Coast of Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) 267 people (employees, volunteers from the Ha Long City Youth Union) Second time after 2014
August 2019年 Chugoku Branch The Peace Memorial Park (Hiroshima Prefecture) Approx.60 people (volunteers from employees, Hiroshima Idemitsu-kai) Participation in Hiroshima City's community cleanup
June 2019 Aichi Complex Shin-Maiko coast (Aichi Prefecture) 27 people Conducted as an environmental study session
April 2019 Solar Frontier Kunitomi Occice Aoshima (Miyazaki Prefecture) 100-200 people (employees and their families) Rhododendron sprouting also conducted at Kunitomi Hokedake Park (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Cleanup event at the Shin-Maiko coast (Aichi Prefecture) (December 2020)


Beach cleanup on the coast of Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) (August 2019)

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