Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives

Promoting a Global Mindset

Basic Stance

As the world continues to become more globalized, there is rising demand for personnel who can nimbly adjust to the diverse ideas and cultures of other countries, i.e. global personnel. With the aim of promoting a global mindset among our employees, we provide opportunities for bases in Japan and overseas to freely communicate and share information with each other.
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Connecting Japan and Overseas Bases through the 2nd Global Values Workshop

Global Values Workshop (GVs) is held as an opportunity for employees in Japan and overseas to freely communicate with each other by using the timing when overseas employees come to Japan for business trip. All employees, regardless of nationality, generation, department, etc, can participate in the event. It is aimed to deepen mutual understanding, create a sense of unity across Idemitsu Group, and lead the employees to develop global awareness which eventually will bring Idemitsu to be more global.
The second GVs was held at our head office in Marunouchi, Tokyo on January 29, with two overseas staff from Idemitsu International Asia (IIA) as guest speakers; Ms. Iris Lam (Hong Kong member) and Mr. Robert Redsell (Singapore office). Participants exchanged opinions on "global company in my perspective" and "difference between Idemitsu and other global companies" Participants came up with common opinion that strengthening international connections within the group is paramount to bring Idemitsu to be more global. In order to be a sustainable global company needed by the society, we will work to further cooperate with overseas bases to demonstrate the strengths of Idemitsu Group around the world with a sense of unity.

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Global Values Workshop to Stimulate Global Awareness among Employees

Using the moment when the overseas staff visit Japan for business trip, Idemitsu held Global Values Workshop on September 10, 2019. This workshop provided opportunity for employees in Japan from any background to communicate freely with overseas staff, regardless their departments, generations, or nationalities. As two overseas staff from Idemitsu Lubricants America; the vice president and the manager of the general affairs came to Japan for another business occasions, we used this opportunity to conduct the first Global Values Workshop. Fourteen participants from various departments joined the workshop and together with the two American staff, they actively discussed about the globalization within Idemitsu Group.

Under the theme “Idemitsu to be More Global,” the participants discussed and shared ideas in order to make Idemitsu to be more global from three perspectives: improve, minimize, and start something new.

  • To Improve/Enhance

    • Increase the number of managers with foreign nationality
    • Provide more opportunities for speaking English
    • Deepen understanding of different cultures
    • Achieve greater operational efficiency: speed up the decision-making process
  • To Minimize/Stop

    • Long time to obtain approval
    • Keeping information for the head-office only without sharing it to the overseas branches.
    • Using Japanese too much at the global meetings
  • To Start Something New

    • Clarify the definition of “being global” as well as the targets.
    • Create an image of Idemitsu as a global brand
    • Hire more foreign nationals

In the future, Idemitsu will keep holding Global Values Workshop with the cooperation with various departments in order to improve the global awareness of our employees.

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